Intelliven Tools

This document covers how IntelliVen works with clients.

Use this letterhead stationary for all communication with clients, including proposals, invoices, meeting notes, etc.

Use this template to prepare Power Point slide decks in the name of IntelliVen.

Use this form to cover faxed documents.

Fill out this form to update IntelliVen records and to request an IntelliVen email address and business card.

Use this template to memorialize an agreement for an IntellIVen consultant to perform specified work and for the client to countersign in order to authorize that work to be performed.

IntelliVen standard rates and way of working are explained here.

Introduces IntelliVen-U Strategic Leadership Immersion Program

Articles and artifacts for fund raisers.

Use this to form for an authorized representative of the client organization to authorize IntelliVen to hold executive sessions.

Lays out the major IntelliVen business components.

This Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is executed by and between organizations as they enter into a business relationship.

This Non-Disclosure Agreement is executed by and between IntelliVen Principals, Contractors, and Partners.

Proven executives who seek to work on the IntelliVen platform as a Principal should review and sign the standard Affiliation Agreement.

Use this flyer to introduce the standard Manage to Lead summary presentation to prospective sponsors and event attendees.

This is the official IntelliVen logo without the tag line

Use this letterhead when preparing Word documents in horizontal format.


Open this document to learn what you need to qualify for entry into the Strategic Leadership Immersion Program.