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Manage to Lead Immersion Program

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If accepted, we will be in touch to provide credentials to access the MtL Learning Management System.

This application is for a leader and team to participate in a cohort with other teams of three to seven executives each. Contact to have the program brought into your organization on an individualized basis.

  • The program includes:

    • Pre-Program Coaching for Leader and Team
    • Core Program
    • Post-Program Executive Session
    • Intelliven Learning Community

    Fee automatically adjusts based on organization scale and team size.

    Manage to Lead Immersion Program Pricing

    Organization SizePrice for a team of up to fiveAdditional over five
  • Team Leader

  • Principal Consultant

  • Note: If left blank, Intelliven will provide a principal consultant.

  • Team Members

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    Use + to add additional team members at a per/participant rate based on your organization's scale.

  • Contact your association for a group code to enroll at special rates. Affiliation with authorized groups subject to verification.

  • Submitting this enrollment form indicates that you, your team members, and your organization understand and agree to the following:

    • Sessions will be recorded and made available to program participants using the Zoom capture system. Use of captured video, voice, and transcript is intended to supplement the classroom experience. Duplication or redistribution of recordings by participants, instructors, or IntelliVen is prohibited without appropriate consent.
    • Participant organizations, Principal Consultants, and instructors all sign an NDA with IntelliVen so teams can participate fully and freely and in full comfort that all company and personal information is confidential and used only for the learning in the class.
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