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Different stages of organization growth demand a different mix of executive skills.

Leading a bootstrapping, pre-product start-up is not the same as taking an organization from $10 million to $100 million in annual revenue. The skills needed to optimize operations are not the same as those needed to raise Series A funding.

  • Do you know the mix of skills your top needs to succeed at your organization’s growth stage?
  • How do you know if your team has the mix of skills needed to succeed in your current growth stage?
  • How do you align your top team’s skills with those needed for the next growth stage?
  • Do you know which gaps in your executive team’s skills hamper growth?
executive team uplift for

Breakthrough Performance

overcoming the

Growth Pause

Organizations with an effective strategy and leadership team with the right skills for the organization’s stage often will experience rapid growth for a period.

Then growth stalls as revenues and profits plateau.

There can be many reasons your organization may hit a “growth pause.”

But in almost every case, the right mix of leadership team skills can address stalled growth and get you back on track.

Sometimes, a particular leadership skill or behavior that worked well in an earlier stage is no longer helping. In other cases, a skill that is important to evolve operationally is missing. In other cases, your team members might be fundamentally misaligned around strategy and how their skills and activities should complement one another.

How do you know where the gaps are and how to address them?

IntelliVen founder Peter DiGiammarino and principal consultant Dr. Brent Green offer a unique executive team skills assessment and gap analysis that pinpoints the skills needed to spark new growth for your organization.

Their Executive Team Uplift for Breakthrough Performance is rooted in an extensive study of the best mix of skills in executive leadership for each stage of organization growth, from pre-market concept to mature going concern.

The program’s benchmark of leadership skills mix is based on 24,000 data points gathered over decades, revealing the most effective skills for successful ventures at each stage.

The program assesses your executive team skills and then measures them against the benchmark for your organization’s stage.

Benchmarking your skills

with the Best

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state-of-the-art online

Assessments & Sessions

These assessments are conducted using state-of-the-art individual online assessments coupled with interactive, facilitated sessions that explore team dynamics.

They uncover executive team members’ proficiencies in a mix of nine competencies across three categories:

  • Know: Knowledge of industry, technology and organizational capabilities
  • Think: Ability to analyze and synthesize strategies
  • Act: Leading planning and execution

The results uncover deficiencies in skills that are blocking growth and hindering the evolution of the organization to the next stage.

Most importantly, the program offers custom executive team development action plans that address the gaps specific to your venture and team.

The action plans are geared to help your executive team evolve, rekindle growth, and place your organization back on the “hockey stick” curve.

Based on the IntelliVen Manage-to-Lead System, the action plans will align your team members and focus them on changing the business to address growth blockers.

The MtL tools, templates, and approaches are taught in an Immersion Program that is unique in that it is team-based leadership development that captures proven best practices for driving change as applied to your organization’s case.

MtL distills the lessons of decades of successful leadership into a clear and concise series of steps and accompanying tools. Elements of it have been taught at MIT, Stanford, University of Maryland, George Mason University, Golden Gate University, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Back on the

'Hockey Stick' Curve

Why IntelliVen?

If your organization can perform better or grow faster, IntelliVen can help.

We help leaders, teams, and organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform and grow.

Meet our Executive Due Diligence Program team:


Peter F. DiGiammarino

IntelliVen Founder Peter F. DiGiammarino is a professional CEO, professor, and author with 35+ years of success practically applying behavioral theory to lead and guide public, private, venture-backed, and private equity-owned for-profit, and not-for-profit ventures in North America and around the world. Peter and his team have spent the past 10 years packaging and sharing widely what they have learned about running successful ventures.


Dr. Brent Green

IntelliVen Principal Consultant Dr. Brent Green is an organization psychology professional with a focus on individual executive and team performance, and system improvement. He has over 25 years of experience in strategic leadership and organization assessment, training and development, evaluation, strategic wellness program design, and performance coaching.

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