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Leslie Boyer

Leslie brings over three decades of international experience working with individuals and Fortune 100 business leaders on how to enhance their personal and professional lives. While engaging with thousands of people across a wide spectrum of cultures, she has assisted executives, managers and teams to discover ways to align their actions with their vision. Clients receive the benefits of her dynamic and innovative style through her coaching and seminars.

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Leslie began her career in training and coaching working for Insight Seminars, a global training organization which works with individuals to identify what is most meaningful to them and providing practical tools to live the life they want. Leslie was a Master Trainer for Insight and trained trainers in the delivery of the variety of trainings and workshops that Insight offers. She designed and delivered a four-week advanced program in Santiago, Chile and Sofia, Bulgaria over the course of several years.

The David Allen Company engaged Leslie for over a decade to help develop their flagship training Getting Things Done™. As the Director of Training, she customized workshops and created material for participants. As one of their top Presenters, she delivered Keynote Speeches, Executive Coaching, and presented GTD™ as well as trained the staff of presenters to deliver GTD™. While working with David Allen Company, she delivered coaching and workshops in the financial services, accounting, retail, information services, pharmaceutical and health care sectors.

Leslie moved to Europe in 2007 and co-founded a consulting and training company, Exhact, GMbH in Baden-Baden, Germany. While there, she opened up the market for GTD™ as well as created programs to develop teams and expanded her executive coaching practice.

In 2012, Leslie spent 18 month working extensively with a Senior Executive of one of the top Canadian transportation companies. She developed leadership in the function, managed teams that were driving key initiatives and supported the executive to achieve his strategic goals. The work was well received and highly successful.

In 2013, Leslie relocated back to the U.S. and launched SHIFT Consulting where she continues to deliver Executive Coaching and Team Leadership Development, as well as designing and delivering programs to enhance productivity, effectiveness and positive results.

A partial list of clients includes Credit Suisse, General Mills, KPMG, Teva Ratiopharm, SAP, Siemens, Canadian National Railway, Audi and Texas A&M University, and Centrus Financial. Leslie has also worked with the not-for profit orgaizations EduCare and Golden Valley Health Centers.

Leslie studied Early Childhood Edcuation and completed a Masters Progam in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.


Leslie maintains the following affiliations:

  • Executive Coach with David Couper Consulting
  • Senior Associate with Renewal Company, Madrid, Spain
  • Associate with Acumen Global Partners, Sydney, Australia
  • Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC®
  • Certified Administrator of The Leadership Circle Profile, a 360-degree feedback instrument
  • Certification from Robert Holden’s Coach Camp

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