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Whitney Bembenek

Whitney is a bilingual, human-centered leader with a passion for tapping into the potential of human collaboration. She has over 10 years experience developing, leading, and improving human collaboration strategies and systems in corporate and nonprofit organizations, and has a Master’s degree in Social Impact Leadership. Her work and studies domestic and abroad have proven how essential good communication systems through all levels of leadership are in order to have a healthy and effective work environment, and she is excited to help teams use qualitative and quantitative measures to bridge their communication gaps.

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Creating psychological safety and inclusion is key to team success, and Whitney understands this. Among many roles, Whitney has recently assessed and refined diversity and inclusion programming for an internal biotech team, led storytelling efforts involving interviewing and ghost-writing stories for leaders of color, and carried out a region-wide evaluation effort that evaluated the effectiveness of workforce development programs across the public and private regional landscape, then convened relevant leaders to strategize and implement improvements. For over a decade she has developed programs and evaluation systems, and facilitated various trainings for adult working groups.

At IntelliVen, Whitney creates and leads strategy for effective client engagement, communications, and user experience, and facilitates workshops that improve company alignment and strategy effectiveness for executives and staff.

Outside of work, Whitney enjoys practicing Capoeira, reading in Spanish, mentoring youth, teaching her friends about all the edible and medicinal wild plants in the area, and contemplating the expansiveness of human potential. 

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