Catlin Cookman


Peer group for venture-backed CEOs and their organizations. Annual cycle helps with strategic planning and continuous performance monitoring and reporting against plan.


Clearsight Advisors

Investment banking.principles led acquisition and sale of Compusearch for PeterD and The Carlyle Group. Strong connections into both financial and strategic buyers and lenders.


Mason Companies

Personal and business financial advisers. Best in class financial and tax planning, investment management, funds management. Have saved and made millions for IntelliVen principles and clients.

Sack Law


Corporate and employment legal services. Go-to help with all forms of corporate, employment, and intellectual property contracts and planning for early stage ventures.  Helped IntelliVen principles and clients arrange employment terms and to manage for optimal results in the face of mergers and acquisitions.


Practical management and leadership practices, tips, tools, and references.

Business Because


Publishes people-focused stories and provides information on choosing a business school and finding a job.



Forms, develops, and supports CEO peer groups for early stage entrepreneurs.


Management consultancy that helps organizations design and implement strategic planning processes, solution architectures, and market penetration initiatives.

Summit Executive Resources

Top high-tech CEO’s and COO’s retain SER to help find their next position or a board seat faster, with better terms, and with higher odds of a better result. Provide a consistent point of accountability and help with organization and executive focus, and access to resources.

Talent Sync

Helps organizations assess and develop systems and processes to find, attract, hire, on-board, develop, deploy, and retain top talent.

Tilden Tasks

Tilden Tasks gets your website how you want it every day. Tilden takes care of everything for you on demand and proactively, including: Development, Design, Support, Maintenance, and Optimization. Tilden Tasks is set up to be available every day and to turn around most assignments in a business day. If it’s a bigger project, they get that done in a few days with daily updates. At price points starting at below $100/month for unlimited support and tasks, Tilden saves businesses thousands and hundreds of dollars each month with it’s reliable and efficient service.

Rennaisance Executive Forum Logo

Renaissance Executive Forums

CEO peer groups led by Lee Self.  Several Greater Washington, DC Executive Forum members also engage in IntelliVen advisory board services, finding them to be complimentary experiences. Trusted relationships with other successful small/midsize business owners, presidents and CEOs.

People Stretch Solutions

Experts in leading sales transformations and driving sustained revenue growth for mid market companies.  Provide executive and sales leadership uncommon insight in regards to sales and executive performance.  Assist sales leadership in redefining sales excellence through strategic advisory, sales coaching, sales training and sales process optimization.


Leaders use our SaaS platform to integrate and distribute Hollywood movie clips with their messages in a short, entertaining, and memorable way to compel employees, customers, and prospects to have superior engagement and better performance.

Mark Bronfman and the BOLD Value Team

Private wealth advisory services for owners and boards of private companies. Specializing in executive compensation, equity strategies, and exit & legacy planning to achieve strategic business outcomes spanning the arc of succession, benefits and wealth management.

Intelligent Strategies. Successful Ventures.