Rapid Reset for Impact

A Proven Path to Planned Change
in the Face of Disruption

We live in a world of change that disrupts and distracts us from our mission. But performance expectations and timelines don’t change.

The clock is ticking. Leaders must act quickly to align around the future they seek to create and the plans to make it happen. But this is nothing new.


At IntelliVen, we have decades of experience in successful organizational resets, realignments, pivots, and crisis management. Our Rapid Reset for Impact guides leaders and their teams to realign and re-establish their plans to achieve their urgent, critical missions.

Smart leadership teams know disruption and change creates the opportunity to evolve and improve in ways not previously imaginable. Great leaders prevail in disruption as they reassess with fresh eyes and pivot for greater impact.

But it can be hard to know where to start to get back on track and hit time-sensitive objectives. Plus, the relationships between leadership, its teams, and key stakeholders are often undermined by uncertainty and lack of clarity about where the organization is headed and how to get there.

IntelliVen Rapid Reset for Impact provides leaders and their teams with insight, experience, and proven frameworks to build alignment toward the most effective pivot plans possible. Our strategic facilitation and support make the implicit explicit, accelerating the transition to high performance.

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Hi, I'm PeterD

Professional CEO, IntelliVen

"I founded IntelliVen to help leaders, teams, and organizations get clear about what they're trying to do, get everybody aligned towards applying their great strengths to do the same thing, and to get on track to achieve target valuations in minimal time."

Peggy - IntelliVen

Hi, I'm Peggy

Accomplished Strategy Consultant, IntelliVen

"The IntelliVen approach builds top team alignment to outcomes that massively improve performance and impact. At one federal agency, we accelerated their realignment so quickly that it resulted in saving the US Treasury $1B in just one year."

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Proven Path to Rapid Reset for Impact

IntelliVen is an operations consulting firm whose principals possess decades of hands-on leadership experience in leading organizations through highly successful strategic pivots. Each has faced catastrophic events that brought immense challenges to their organizations, leading them to lead re-alignment and re-focus strategies for higher performance and impact.



Our system is based on our acclaimed program: Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help you Change the World. It guides executives to rapidly reset plans just as we have led recoveries ourselves many times.


Recovery to Success

We have steered organizations successfully through major upheavals such as the bursting of the Dot-Com Bubble and the Telecom Bubble, 9-11, the Asian financial crisis, the Housing Crisis, and the Great Recession. We have managed companies through disruptions confined to an individual market or circumstance, such as aligning new leadership teams or suddenly losing 50% of revenue.


Disruption to Impact

We have pooled, organized, and packaged what we have learned to make it available to organizations of all types. Our solution enables leaders and their teams to deal with disrupted strategic plans, get back on track, and identify new opportunities to expand their success and impact.

IntelliVen Rapid Reset for Impact

Designed especially for leaders and their management teams, Rapid Reset for Impact enables collaboration with stakeholders to overcome challenges, refocus on agreed success criteria and seek opportunities for accelerated achievement in the new environment.

What IntelliVen Provides

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A tailored hands-on solution that guides leaders and their teams to create a realistic, executable plan based on the new reality and organizational goals.


Engagement with deeply experienced operating executives who have orchestrated recoveries and resets before, to help executives craft the most effective plan possible.


Access to proprietary tools and templates that capture best operating and strategy implementation practices.

Rapid Reset for Impact empowers leadership teams to accelerate managed change, guided and facilitated by IntelliVen expert practitioners, and our proven tools and best practices. We invite you to join us in a conversation about how we can tailor Rapid Reset for Impact to address your unique and urgent needs.

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