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Raise Capital

ceo-transition-featuredWe bring performing businesses, top teams, and financiers together for success. Specifically, we match what you have, be it money, capacity, or concept, with what you most need. We work with owner/operator/founders to round out their teams with needed C-level executives, and high-potential venture and private equity funding sources, as well as with strategic buyers, to guide to success.

We offer outlines, templates, examples, and advice to help qualified entrepreneurs prepare:

  • One or Two–page Introductory Teaser.
  • Management Presentation or “Pitch deck”.
  • Presentation preparation (dry-runs, FAQs, and scripting).
  • Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs).
  • Business Plans.
  • Due Diligence preparation including Data Room set up.
  • Three-sheet (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) financial models.
Contact intelliven@intelliven.com for a free, no obligation, one-hour session on how our approach can help you and your team

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