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Plan to Perform and Grow


If you want your organization to perform better or grow faster, you need to start with a plan.

We will help you and your top team develop a plan to achieve your potential to perform and grow. Specifically, we work with you to specify:

  • Offerings to provide.
  • Target markets to pursue.
  • Initiatives to develop clients, prospects, offerings, and operations.
  • The organization of responsibilities for creating, selling, and delivering offerings and for developing capacity to continue to do so.
  • The approach to governance throughout the performance period.
  • How finances will work to ensure ongoing profitability and phasing of initiatives, set targets for management, and provide incentive compensation for meeting and exceeding targets.


To carry out this work, we:

  • Draw out your personal objectives in terms of exit point, desired role, wealth creation, and mission.
  • Review internal market, offering, and financial information.
  • Meet with key team members to learn how they think about the business, how it is doing, and where it can go.
  • Review interim deliverables to make sure our assumptions are correct and that our thinking resonates with you, your team, and your board.

We deliver:

  • A plan that describes a path forward including which current customers on which to concentrate efforts to extend and expand current work, which next clients in what markets to pursue next, an organization of responsibilities and suggested staffing for optimum results.
  • A financial model that embodies and quantifies the plan.
  • An implementation timeline.
  • A presentation to the leader, top team, and the board of the plan and the model.

Transformation Time Line

Staffing and Qualifications

This work will be performed by a team of two or three IntelliVen Principals with extensive experience working together and with businesses of similar size, stage, and focus. For more information about us, please see our bios.

Schedule and Terms

Assuming management team members can meet with the team as requested, we can generally complete the work described here in about six weeks from project launch.

Once the plan is complete and approved by you, your team, and the board we will be able to determine how best to staff implementation. Specifically, we will likely suggest you to hire, on a full or part-time basis, members of our team for operating and support roles to drive, track, guide, and report on progress relative to plan. We will also be available to participate in corporate governance over the course of performance as suggested in the illustration below.

Finance Cycle

Contact intelliven@intelliven.com for a free, no obligation, one-hour session on how our approach can help you and your team

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