An IntelliVen Principal Operating Partner works alongside the deal team to:


  • Assess quality of prospective portfolio company operations and of the management team.
  • Put together a plan to develop and drive the team to achieve specific performance goals in a time-frame.
  • Provide ongoing guidance and support to the management team.



We accomplish these in three sequential phases:

Phase I: Due Diligence:

  • Apply the Manage to Lead System Framework to assess quality of operations and management team via answers to submitted questions and observation/participation in sessions with management.
  • Our fee is $200K paid at closing (bundled with deal costs).
  • If the deal does not go forward our fee is reduced to $75K.

Phase II: Launch (first three to six months):

Phase III: Operations support (months 7- 36) at management’s discretion we:  

  • Continue on as close adviser to CEO and management team throughout the hold-period.
  • Attend board meetings as an adviser.
  • Provide active, ongoing guidance and support to the team.
  • Help find, attract, and develop talent to fill gaps.
  • Keep owners apprised of progress and problems but principally supporting the management team.
  • Our fee for ongoing support is .25% of value created on exit, the opportunity to invest alongside PE, and the opportunity to be retained in part-time and project work at market rates by the management team.
  • Term is three years with automatic renewal unless either party wants out.

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