An IntelliVen Principal Operating Partner works alongside the deal team to:

  • Assess quality of prospective portfolio company operations and of the management team.
  • Put together a plan to develop and drive the team to achieve specific performance goals in a time-frame.
  • Provide ongoing guidance and support to the management team.

We accomplish these in three sequential phases as follows:

Phase I: Due Diligence

  • Apply the Manage to Lead System Framework to assess quality of operations and executive team.
  • If the deal does not go forward our involvement in due diligence  is at no charge.
  • If the deal goes forward we participate in the value we help create and charge an upfront fee based on the size of the portfolio company and assuming an exit is targeted in three years.

Phase II: Launch (first six months)

Guide management team through Manage to Lead program; develop and launch three-year growth plan.

Phase III: Operations support (months 7- 36)

  • Provide active, ongoing guidance and support to the team as would an active board member.
  • Help find, attract, and develop talent to fill gaps.
  • Keep owners apprised of progress and problems but principally supporting the management team.

For more information and terms, contact Eric Palmer:

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