The IntelliVen Manage to Lead Process Improvement Program (PIP) is an online six-session cohort program that teaches a system of operating tools, principles, and approaches to support Process Improvement Leaders (PILs) making planned change to improve organization performance on Key Performance Indicators such as Margin Erosion and Closing Ratios.

PIP is for owners who seek maximum value in minimal time from their organization Process Improvement Leaders and their teams.

The program has two parts:

Part I: Core Program

Process Improvement Leaders, along with up to four team members, participate in six two-hour sessions in a Cohort of five or more peers:

Topic 1: Background, practice case, select: KPI, process, and initiative to work on.

Topic 2: Model current entities, repositories, processes, and flows.

Topic 3: Study current process, identify peers, assess relative to Past, Plan, Peers.

Topic 4: List opportunities for improvement, assess ease and payoff, prepare: heat map, Change Framework, Initiative to Action.

Topic 5: Prepare and walk through implementation road map with Cohort.

Topic 6: Review preparation, goals, and road map with owners and outside reviewers.

Where each Topic has:

      • Pre-Live Session preparation supported by a learning system.
      • Two-hour Live Session on Zoom with MtL instructor and industry expert coach.
      • Post Live Session work supported by a learning system.

Part II: Ongoing Support

Post Core Program two-hour Support Sessions with Cohort, instructors, and coach.

Cohorts are formed by non-competitive teams in a common industry domain and sponsored by a leading professional or organization in that domain.


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