The IntelliVen Senior Executive Team Assessment (SETA) Workshop engages senior leaders in a talent due-diligence process that:

  • Uncovers individual and team skill strengths and learning opportunities.
  • Identifies development, hiring, and succession needs.
  • Exposes the team to best practices in interpersonal communications.
  • Provides the leader with methods and tools to see and to impact the thinking, aspirations, and behavior of each team member.
  • Outlines an action plan to develop each team member and the team as a whole.

Follow-up actions based on workshop results strengthen senior leadership teams now and prepares them for success in future stages of organization evolution.

“The IntelliVen Leadership Team Assessment and Development workshop helped me in more ways I can even say. The process is inclusive, objective, and at times painful … but so is therapy! What I got out of it is invaluable.” Len Forkas, CEO Milestone Communications,  November 2017.

The logic underlying the workshop approach is as follows:

  • Senior leaders who provide each other with honest feedback on strengths, contributions, and growth increase their odds of individual and team success.

  • Senior leader skill profiles, appropriate at one stage of organization maturity, ideally yield to others in later evolutionary stages.

  • Assessment and alignment of executive talent to the organization’s maturity stage is an historically proven way to promote organization success.

Dozens of organizations, at all stages of venture maturity, have experienced significant lift in executive and team performance after conducting the IntelliVen Leadership Team Assessment and Development Workshop.


PHASE-1 DATA COLLECTION: Team members each complete

  • An on-line multi-rater survey on themselves and on team mates
  • A 90-minute, face-to-face confidential interview with a highly trained interviewer to assess nine core skills.

The survey and interview are based on a structured instrument developed over 30-years[1].

PHASE-2 CONSOLIDATION and ANALYSIS: Collected input is consolidated, assessed, and synthesized to identify perceived skill mix.

PHASE-3 REPORT OUT: Consolidated assessments are reviewed by the leader and then peer-reviewed in a facilitated Executive Session. Assessments, as refined based on leader and team input, are reported to each executive in a debrief consultation by the leader. A written skills and performance assessment summary, including an outline of learning and development objectives, provide the basis for discussion.

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[1] Based in part on: “The Conduct of Due Diligence on Leader Talent”, by Franco Vicino, Ph.D., MBA and Brent Green, Ph.D., in OD Practitioner: Journal of the Organization Development Network, vol. 32 / no. 2, 2000, pages 33-39.


How to drive elite C-Suite performance.




Sample assessment and development report.




Team Skill Mix Assessment and Development Video Walk Through



A key insight invariably revealed during the process as described here:

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