An IntelliVen facilitated Strategy Offsite is for a top team to break away from the press of the day-to-day to take stock of how things are going, why things need to change, how things should be, and what needs to be done to affect intended change.

Designing, preparing for, and facilitating a high-performing executive offsite takes careful planning, data collection, analysis, and design effort. Most leaders find it difficult to adequately prepare assuming they even know how. Further, it is nearly impossible for a leader to facilitate as well as participate, let alone lead, their own offsite.

A better strategy is to hire experts who prepare and facilitate using proven approaches, tools, and methods. Top facilitators work hand-in-hand with the CEO to form a co-leadership team that lays the groundwork for improved performance and growth. The result is an industrial-strength framework and context for organization change and executive skill development.

IntelliVen provides top-rated facilitation, coaching, and development services to help teams get to the next level (see inserted case example).

A Case Example

A private-equity owned global IT company, whose CEO had been in place less than a year, earned 80% of its revenue from one product. However, that product was destined to be obsolete within two years due to technology changes. The team had been so busy running core operations that there was never any time to work on getting ready for the future.

IntelliVen partnered with the CEO to prepare for and facilitate a two-day offsite with 15 top executives to make clear that immediate change was vital. Survey data was collected and used to prepare Change Framework templates, reviewed in advance with the CEO, and shared with leaders at the planning session.

At the offsite, sub-groups were formed to work on six core Initiatives using the Initiative-to-Action template. The approach laid a strong backdrop and mandate for change. Innovative ideas for new products were generated, and a plan to change their culture from passive to pro-active began to form.

Our approach is straight-forward, efficient, timely, and it just plain works. We empower leaders and their top teams to perform at the highest possible level. We don’t do the work for you. We help you see what needs to be done, get committed to doing it, and then provide ongoing help and support to make sure what you decide to do indeed gets done!

We blend practical experience applying world-class organization development concepts to real circumstances with state-of-the-art automated analytic tools, electronic surveys, and in-depth personal interviews to deliver a first class experience. Consider these recent examples from around the world:testimonial-pix

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