Leadership from the Inside-Out — Course Description

Jump-start or re-charge leadership skills

Background: Effective leadership relies on the mastery of complex relationships between the leader, her/his followers and other stakeholders. Being smart and having formal power are not enough. A leader also has to win over and convince the followers to stick around, which is not easy to do in an era when so many are mobile, networked and demanding. Leaders have to hone their interpersonal and communication skills to fully engage a committed and informed followership. To be successful, today’s leaders need not only a keen understanding of themselves and others, but also an ability to apply that understanding in their interactions with internal and external stakeholders.

In an age when information and opinions are shared instantly it is vital for leaders to understand their own motives and the effect of their interactions with others. These days, colleagues are disinclined to take on trust the views of managers who exercise traditional command-and-control approaches, especially when they are out of touch with rank-and-file followers. Leaders of even the smallest organizations are vulnerable to damaging public commentary when they make a misstep.  Those who believe they have well-hidden secrets or who are unaware of their own foibles are especially at risk.

Summary: Participants learn approaches for building self-awareness, to better understand their habitual ways of thinking and behaving in order to consciously manage how they operate and detect their blind spots. Students are put in touch with their key strengths and vulnerabilities so that they can discern what works for and against them in given situations. Once they become equipped with insights and appropriate tools they can become intentional choosers who make better decisions. This helps them become more effective leaders, who achieve their goals by managing a supportive and engaged followership.

Objectives: Participants learn how to:

  • Manage and use themselves as a resource to get results without drama
  • Act consciously and purposefully to avoid operating in auto-pilot mode
  • Appreciate, track and manage the impact that they have on others, and vice versa
  • Frame leadership as a team activity rather than an individual effort, where embracing multiple perspectives and “reaching out” are seen as keys to success
  • Assess, talk about, and purposely evolve the culture of their teams
  • Develop resilience to deal with challenges and unexpected setbacks
  • Increase their organizational IQ and their ability to work with a variety of organizations
  • Choose and pursue life goals that support their well-being
  • Improve the odds for success as they enter or exit roles, teams, and organizations 

Target Participants: Ideally suited for those who are motivated, high-potential performers and who may be new to leadership roles. Equally relevant for those who may have gotten stuck, lost confidence or need a boost to get to the next stage of growth.

Format: 10 to 12 participants meet with the leader and supporting coach for five half-day sessions, at weekly intervals. Readings and exercises are expected to be completed between sessions.

Tools: A mix of IntelliVen and external proprietary material, including cases and problem sets, texts, diagnostic tools such as FIRO-B, Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Instrument, JoHari Window; EQ!, and The Doom Loop System.

Led by: Peter DiGiammarino and a teaching assistant 

Availability: Contact IntelliVen at 415-848-2634 for class schedule

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