Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World — Course Description

Get better results, sooner, and longer…

Background: Most managers spend too little time thinking seriously about what they want to accomplish as leaders and where to concentrate their efforts. Organizations and their strategies tend to be overly complex because their leaders often try to “hedge their bets” by spreading resources across multiple products, services and markets. This course’s foundation consists of seven powerful yet disarmingly simple truths about organizations and leaders that, if followed, help turn strategy into operations and to further evolve strategy from operations. 

Summary:  Participants examine the fundamentals of strategy, beginning with what is needed to develop a successful, repeatable and scalable approach to bringing products & services to market. They learn how to balance short-term needs with the implications of long-term strategy. Throughout the course participants examine and challenge traditional approaches to operations, financials, strategic planning and operations with the aim of identifying and making the changes needed to get their organization on track to sustained long-term growth and performance.

Coursework includes methodologies, models and best practices on how to think, plan and execute strategically. By examining real-world cases, many drawn from the course leader’s and students’ personal experience, participants stay mindful of the real-world pressures and practical difficulties that have to be overcome for sustained excellence. This leads into a discussion of how to tap and develop the leadership capabilities of colleagues and followers.

Objectives: Participants learn how to:

  • Understand the drivers for an organization’s success: What problem does it solve; for whom; how; and how well; and what are the most critical areas for change.
  • Determine what kind of leader is needed and how to build a successful support coalition. How to launch, drive, communicate, track and govern strategic initiatives to accomplish targeted results.
  • Diagnose an organization’s internal environment to determine where to focus near-term change initiatives to increase the odds of getting better results sooner.
  • Assess and advance organizational readiness for the change that results from implementing strategic initiatives.
  • Apply conceptual frameworks to strengthen strategic planning; to guide organizations to achieve desired results by means of a chosen course of action, which is supported by promoting awareness, understanding, acceptance, commitment, and action.
  • Build personal readiness to find and develop leaders to accomplish something specific and who will benefit from participants’ application of Behavioral Science principles, tools, and techniques.

Target Participants: Ideally suited for established or emerging leaders who have the capacity or potential to perform at the highest levels of scope and scale of responsibility.

Format: 12 to 18 participants meet with the leader and supporting coach for five full-day sessions. Sessions can be on consecutive days or spread over longer periods to suit schedules and to improve impact.  Partial or full delivery via electronic channels is available.

Tools: A mix of IntelliVen and external proprietary material, including texts, cases, problem sets and individual coaching sessions.

Led by: Peter DiGiammarino and a teaching assistant
Availability: Contact IntelliVen at 415-848-2634 for class schedule

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