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What to look for in core leaders when building a top team.

A Core Leader Must Be …

When building a core leader ship team target for each team member to be:

  • Deep: Look for an extraordinary depth of competence in a functional or technical area or a methodology that is essential to the organization’s business;
  • Conceptual: The best leaders have an ability to abstract fully-formed concepts from a collection of parts and are able to communicate complex concepts clearly even to those who are not conceptual;
  • Connected: Target those who have strong interpersonal relationships with prospective or current clients, employees, partners, or funding sources; and
  • Driven: Look for an extraordinary inner commitment to achieve targeted results on time, on target, and on budget.

A diverse team of Deep, Conceptual, Connected, and Driven leaders who really like working with each other and who seek to accomplish the same end-result for the same reason and in the same way, have the collective capacity to accomplish nearly anything!

University of Massachusetts 2012 Bateman Scholar in Residence Public Lecture

At University of Massachusetts 2012 Bateman Scholar Public Lecture, IntelliVen founder and CEO PeterD presented a 45 minute lecture that summarizes 35 years of insight gleaned from successfully helping dozens of organizations get on track to long-term growth and performance, generally in the role of leader or an adviser to the founder, owner, investor, and/or the CEO of ventures with between 2 and 20 people positioning to grow to 200 to 2000.

These insights have been honed while teaching at a number of universities, most recently at American University where he serves as an adjunct professor teaching Master’s Students in Organization Development about leadership and organization analysis and strategy and at the UMass Commonwealth Honors College where he has served as guest lecturer on Leadership.

Now, in the hope of helping you Manage to Lead, please see him present about 50, from a  library of more than 400, slides that summarize ever-evolving insights and lessons learned by clicking on the image below:

Click above to see and hear the 45 minute lecture: Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World

Slides for Manage to Lead Seven Truths to Help You Change the World