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How to make meetings powerful using a pen.

There really is “power in the pen“.  The person who takes note on meeting and then drafts and distributes the Meeting Record is demonstrating leadership.  Deciding how what happened in a meeting is to be memorialized is a power move.  Those who want to be leaders and who want to be powerful will find that owning and driving the process to produce Meeting Records is the way to go!

Every meeting has three kinds of outputs: Action Items, Continue reading How to make meetings powerful using a pen.

How to run a meeting.

Leaders who know how to run a meeting well can improve the odds of achieving maximum performance and efficiency.  On the other hand, it is easy for an organization to lose itself to an endless series of bad meetings.This note addresses the three stages of a good meeting, meeting roles, and how to increase the odds of a successful meeting by putting together and driving to implement a good plan for the meeting. Continue reading How to run a meeting.