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Discounted Executive
Team Programs

Discounted Executive
Team Programs

The University of Massachusetts Amherst and IntelliVen have partnered to provide a new virtual learning experience in executive team development. IntelliVen is uniquely positioned to support a key goal of UMass Amherst – creating learning experiences that support the needs of students at every stage in their educational and professional lives.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst and IntelliVen have partnered to provide a new virtual learning experience in executive team development. IntelliVen is uniquely positioned to support a key goal of UMass Amherst – creating learning experiences that support the needs of students at every stage in their educational and professional lives.

Manage to Lead Immersion Program

7 Truths to Help You Change the World

IntelliVen's Manage to Lead (MtL) Immersion program has been hailed as a “game-changing experience” that produced “amazing results” by driving organizations to “consistently and reliably perform better and grow faster.”

perform better and
grow faster by

Making the Change You Want

The Manage to Lead (MtL) Immersion Program is an interactive, remote learning experience that leaders take with their teams. Each of ten self-guided topic modules is supported by live 2-hour sessions in a cohort with 3 to 7 other participant teams.

Members of the university community will receive a 20 percent discount on the standard price of IntelliVen’s acclaimed leadership development immersion programs.

Who Benefits from MtL

The MtL System is based on 7 Truths that apply to organizations of any size, at any stage of maturity, in any industry, using any business model, located anywhere in the world. The program is based on best practices derived over decades of success leading organizations across markets, business models, stages of maturity, and ownership structure. 

MtL offers a unique learning experience for leaders because “Your Case IS the Course,” in that participants come away from the program with practical, implementable initiatives addressing their organization’s most pressing challenges. The program blends topic content, practice cases, practical applications to real-world problems, guidance on effective strategy implementation, and on-going, hands-on review, and feedback from IntelliVen’s senior operating partners.

Your Case IS the Course

Case-work from start to finish is based principally on the organization itself, which makes program outcomes 100% relevant and actionable.

Highly Interactive Sessions

Participate in highly interactive online sessions filled with content to sequentially apply to a real case from your own organization.

Game-Changing Experience

Past participants have hailed the program as a “game-changing experience” that produces “amazing results” by driving organizations to “consistently and reliably perform well relative to their past, plan, and peers.”

we're committed to

Lifelong Learning

We share with UMass Amherst’s University Without Walls a profound commitment to lifelong learning. Our objective is to share what we have figured out that isn’t already available in the literature or in other courses, in an immersion program made up of a cohort of participant leaders with their teams. What you learn from day-1 is immediately applicable to your organization.

That’s why: Your Case IS the Course.

An Immersive, Remote Learning Experience for Leaders and Their Teams

MtL teaches disarmingly simple truths about organizations and people that work together to help them grow faster and perform better.

The program explains how to implement a continuum of actions motivated by each truth using proven tools, templates, and approaches supplied by the program.

Participants Who've Completed the Program:

  • CEOs of professionally financed ventures.
  • Owner-operators preparing for transition.
  • Startup entrepreneurs.
  • Up-and-coming executives who lead a significant business or business unit.
  • Leaders of any organization, at any stage of maturity, and in any industry, including future leaders and those who help support leaders.
  • Ideal for teams of 3 to 7. (Successful organizations often have a core leadership team of three to seven top executives who are aligned to accomplish specific goals as a cohesive, cooperative leadership unit.)

Digital Certificate Badge of Completion

Sign up to participate in the next Cohort and, upon successful program completion, receive an IntelliVen Leading Change Certificate of Completion with an official digital badge to post on your LinkedIn profile as well as promote on any other social media channels. View Details




Peter DiGiammarino, ‘PeterD’

Meet the Program Founder

PeterD founded IntelliVen after having developed and used his Manage to Lead System to realize $1B⁺ in value created, and to increase impact, across business models and industries. IntelliVen lessons, principles, and approaches help leaders, teams, and organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform and grow.

More About PeterD & IntelliVen

The Manage to Lead System evolved initially from work PeterD did as a UMass Bateman Scholar in Residence in 2010. After more than 35 years of success running organizations with a rare blend of both advanced business and organization development competence, he coalesced into a leadership development program what he had learned to share with others. He developed and went on to teach Manage to Lead to master’s students in business and in organization development at American University, University of San Francisco, and Golden Gate University.

In 2018 he worked with an expert in virtual learning programs from Stanford to offer the program remotely to cohorts of executives and their teams on the UMass UWW platform. 

IntellIVen is delighted to extend the reach and range of our partnership with UMass with a 20% discount off listed prices for anyone associated with the university.

UMass Credentials

UMass Credentials:

Bachelor's degree with honors in computer science, economics, and mathematics '75.

Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Commonwealth Honors College, Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration; The Leader & The Coach

Former member of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Foundation Board of Advisors to the Chancellor; Chair: Committee on Directors;

Founding member of the advisory board that formed the Commonwealth Honors College.

UMass, College of Computer Science Outstanding Achievement in Management

UMass, Amherst Bateman Scholar in Residence

One of 125 University of Massachusetts Alumni to Watch

Curriculum Overview

Learn more about the Manage to Lead Immersion Program by
downloading our Curriculum Overview resources.

Program fact sheet
Program overview

Are you a seasoned organization leader?

growth continues after the program

IntelliVen Learning Community

The IntelliVen Learning Community meets two times per year, for alums to share, compare, and learn from each other. You'll also have the opportunity to discuss real cases, in real-time in our ILC LinkedIn Group

Upon program completion, you will have learned how to:

  • Describe, launch, drive, and govern Strategic Initiatives.
  • Foster and achieve the change you want.
  • Become a better and more confident strategic thinker and leader.
  • Set direction, align resources, and motivate action.
  • Get Clear and secure top team alignment on key matters to improve growth and performance.

How you will learn:

Ten asynchronous online learning modules, available 24/7, for a year with downloadable readings, video clips, case application exercises, tools, and templates to use during the program and thereafter.

Two-hour online live sessions for each topic with role-plays and your-case application feedback across teams, with outside executives, and with instructors.

Fun and engaging individual, team, and cross-team activities all based on the course material applied to real cases.

Get Clear. Align. Grow.

Get started today and reserve a spot in the fully-online Manage to Lead Immersion Program before our next session is full. Space is limited.