Federal Operating-Partner-In-A-Box

Would you like a reliable and experienced partner to help you evaluate and decide to invest in software and services companies that sell to the U.S. federal government?

If so, you need Intelliven.

We are a team of Senior Operating Principals who have led, advised, and supported some of the most successful software and services firms that target the U.S. federal government for over 30 years.

I first worked with IntelliVen when I had the idea to invest in Compusearch, a firm that sells exclusivelry to the U.S. federal government. Their Senior Operating Principals helped me set direction, build and align my team, and operate at the highest level through five PE hold-periods. Their approach is easy to understand, practical to implement, and improves performance at every phase of growth.

— Reid Jackson, CEO Unison

Go-to-Market Diagnostic and Assessment Approach

Intellectual Property

Use Cases

Applicable Markets


Assesment & Recommendations

We offer a range of services to help you, including:

Ad hoc Inquiries: Get quick and expert insights on any aspect of the target company, its target market, and competitive landscape.

I-o-I Support: Get dedicated and exclusive support from one or more of our principals until you submit an Indication-of-Interest.

Diligence Support: Get a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of the target company’s Go-to-Market strategy and / or its Operating Maturity from our team of Senior Operating Principals.

Our Approach is to Review and Asses:

Assess the target company’s sales performance, processes, tools, pricing, contract vehicles, competitive landscape, partnerships, channel strategy, revenue concentration and expansion potential.

Organizations We Have Helped

Organizations that sell to the U.S. federal government in which we have had governance and / or lead operating roles:

Investors in software and services firms that sell to the U.S. federal market we have helped:

We are open to taking up to 40% of our fees in equity participation and to investing alongside those we help, as well as to assist with operating roles, team development, and governance through a hold period.

Interested in IntelliVen being your Federal Partner?

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise and experience to make smart and profitable investments in software and services companies that sell to the U.S. federal government.

Contact Mark Tice to explore how IntelliVen can help you be a winner in the federal market. We look forward to working with you.