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The odds that a particular post will be apt for any given reader when it appears may be low but the odds that any given post will someday be just what is needed are high.  Skim posts as they are published; read thoroughly those that interest you; and come back to find relevant past posts when needed.

Posts are accessed most-recent-first by scrolling the Home page or by the following categories:

  • Each of the seven Manage to Lead truths
  • Most Popular
  • Most Recent
  • People Matters
  • Sales Matters
  • Presentations
  • Book Reviews
  • Executive Transition
  • Executive Assessment
  • Book Reviews
  • Compensation
  • Job search

Reply to posts in order to:

  • Make points to the author or that you believe will interest future readers. If you do not want your comment published for others to read please include a comment to that effect in the reply.
  • Seek help on any matter for which IntelliVen may have relevant content but that you are unable to find so we can point you to it or prepare a new post.
  • Provide feedback or suggestions for improvement.

Please like and share content you find particularly helpful.


Enter words or phrases recalled from prior posts in the Search box at  the top-right of every page to search the site for what you seek.

For example, if you have an upset client and remember a post on how to handle a disgruntled client, enter the word “disgruntled” into  the search box and press enter.  The post you are looking for, possibly among others, will likely appear.

Another way to search the site is to go to the Index page and then use your browser search function to look for a key word that might be in the title of the post you seek.

A third way to find a post on a specific topic is to click on the category in which it is most likely to appear.  For example, click on the People Matters category to find posts related to salary reviews, performance assessments, and incentive plans.


SubmitProvides links to templates, graphics, and tutorials to help implement practices consistent with IntelliVen principles and approach. Click on a template graphic for a form to fill-in. Copy and paste the entire page into your document when the form is completely filled in and/or hit Submit to request expert review and feedback.

An explanation of most tools is available via a link to a prior post and/or to an entry on the Insight page. An edit-friendly version of many tools is available for most tools by clicking the graphic and, in some cases, for a small fee via a link in the tool description.


Comprehensive coverage of key concepts, organized according to the four IntelliVen service areas (Sales, Operations, Finance, and Growth), are found on the Insights page. Press the buttons above the insights to see selections in only the corresponding service category. Click on the individual insight cover graphic to open the content. You are welcome to save or share all posted content. When you do, please cite the source and encourage others to visit.


The Services page presents a gateway to descriptions of IntelliVen services organized into four content areas:

  • Developing operations
  • Going to market
  • Managing, and controlling finances
  • Developing leadership, supervision, and governance.

Click on the service category of interest for a more detailed descriptions of service offerings.


Upcoming and past IntelliVen events, including presentations, workshops, awards, and interviews are accessible on the Events page. In most cases the content associated with the event is accessible by clicking a graphic of its title page. To schedule an event contact us directly or reply to any post.


apple-touch-iconAccess from mobile devices via any browser in either landscape or portrait view. Use the Add to Home Screen feature (see illustration below) to place the IntelliVen App icon (at left) on your mobile device. Edit the icon title to suit your preference.add-to-home


Please complete a short survey any time to let us know how we are doing and what we can do to improve. If you know of content we should post please let us know via the survey, submit a reply to any post, or send an email to

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