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Blog  Search  |  Toolbox  |  Insights  |  Services  |  Events | Resources | Mobile is a library of content for developing leaders, teams, and organizations. Our site is organized into: Posts, InsightsTools,VideosServices,  Events, and Resources as follows:

  • Posts are 500 to 1200-word blogs that present what we’ve learned (lessons), what we believe because of what we’ve learned (principles), and what we do because of what we’ve learned (methods).
  • Insights are decks or articles that provide more detail explanations of lessons, principles, and methods.
  • Tools are graphics and templates used to implement lessons, principles, and methods.
  • Videos are clips of IntelliVen Principals engaging with conferees, podcast interviewers, students, and journalists on how to apply lessons, principles, and methods.
  • Services are what IntelliVen Principals do to help leaders, teams, and organizations apply lessons, principles, and methods to reach their potential to perform and grow.
  • Events entries are a record of upcoming and past forums in which IntelliVen Principals have engaged with live audiences on lessons, principles, and methods.
  • Resources are descriptions and links to service providers we have come to know and trust to do outstanding work for IntelliVen clients on matters outside our areas of specific focus and expertise.

Below are descriptions of how to access and use each section of the site. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for help finding what you need in a given situation. The first call, up to an hour, is free and with no obligation.


Each of over a 100 Blog posts share a lesson, principle, or approach gleaned from  success operating Concept through to Mature organizations with up to thousands of employees.

The three most recent posts are displayed in the Blog panel of the Home page. All posts are accessible, most-recent-first and by category, on the Blog page.


Three ways to search the site for specific content:

1. Enter a word or phrase in the Search bubble at  the top-right of every page.

2. Use the browser Find function on the Index page to find exact matches with a word or phrase in Blog titles.

3. Scroll through post by Category, listed on the left and right of each page, in which desired content is most likely to appear.


The Toolbox preview page displays images that help implement  IntelliVen lessons, principles and approaches.

Small buttons indicate PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Template, and/or a more detailed Guide are available upon clicking the tool graphic.

Click the star in the upper-right to let others know you found a tool useful.

Click on the Tool graphic to access more detailed information including links to related Insights, Posts, Services, and Videos.

Some Tools have online Templates to fill-in and Submit for expert review and comment within a few days and at no charge for the first iteration. Submissions are kept in confidence unless you request otherwise.

A few tools require a password to access. Contact to access private tools.

Some Tools have Guides which provide, for a small fee paid via Flevy, our online catalog, more detailed explanations and materials in Word or PowerPoint that can be incorporated into local materials.

Click the star in the upper-right if you find a tool useful and also to be presented with an option to share it with others.


Insights present in more depth how to apply lessons, principles and approaches. Insights are organized by the four IntelliVen service areas (Sales, Operations, Finance, and Growth). Click one of the four top buttons to see only insights in the corresponding service area.

Click on an individual Insight cover to read it. You are welcome to download, save, or share posted content freely. Be sure to properly cite IntelliVen content when it is referenced or used.


The Services page presents a preview of IntelliVen services organized into four content areas:

  • Financial: Financing and financial reporting.
  • Management: Assess and develop leaders and teams.
  • Operations: Develop and implement plans to mature operations.
  • Sales: Develop offerings, markets, and sales.

Click on one of the four top buttons to see entries in only the corresponding service area.

Click on an offering to see a more detailed description of the offering.


Upcoming and past IntelliVen events, including presentations, workshops, panels, classes, awards, and interviews are accessible, most recent first, on the Events page. Content associated with the event is accessible by clicking the graphic of its title page in the first paragraph. To schedule an event contact us directly or reply to any post. Videos of all or part of some events are accessible on the Video page.


Providers of business services complementary to those provided by IntelliVen and that we know and trust from experience are listed on our Resources page. Find the link to Resources to the right of the last line at the bottom of the Home page. The quickest way to get there is to select Contact from the Home page and scroll to the very bottom.


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