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If your organization can perform better or grow faster, IntelliVen can help. We help leaders, teams, and organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform and grow.

IntelliVen Principals help leaders to develop and align strategy with operations and to implement governance, performance metrics, incentives, and market development programs.



  • Comprehensive, world-class, proprietary tools, insightsworkbook, and learning program.
  • Serving organizations with $5M to $500M.
  • Proven operators available by the meeting, hour, project, and as part- or full-time CxO.


  • Perform and grow according to a plan.
  • Manage growth and complexity of systems and processes.
  • Protect market position.
  • Create sustainable growth and enterprise value.


  • Late-stage start ups that seek to reach their potential to perform and grow.
  • Owners, investors, founders, and management teams preparing to exit.
  • VC and PE groups seeking to develop portfolio companies.
  • Large organization operating units and strategic initiatives.


  • At a growth inflection point.
  • Rolling out a new product or entering a new market.
  • Reorganizing, merging, divesting, or spinning out.
  • Transitioning, expanding, or culling executive team.
  • Preparing for funding or stepping up after a cash infusion or big win.


  • “How do I transition operations to the next generation of leaders?”
  • “How do I bring in help without giving away control or killing culture?”
  •  “How do I avoid giving up or selling below target valuation?”


IntelliVen Principals have extensive experience in board, advisory, top operating, and senior management roles in professional services and high tech organizations and in operations, marketing, and financial planning.

Stephen C. Messner

Steve Messner has over 30 years of experience in finance, general management,...
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Peter F. DiGiammarino

Peter F. DiGiammarino is a professional CEO, professor, and author with 35+ years...
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David Halwig

David Halwig, IntelliVen Senior Principal and President of Mid-Atlantic Region, provides strategic...
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Dr. Brent Green

Dr. Brent Green is an organization psychology professional with a focus on...
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Dan Ilisevich

Dan Ilisevich has 30 years of operating and financial management experience in...
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Gena Wade

Gena Wade is an executive consultant to leaders seeking to improve client...
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Richard Schwartz

Richard Schwartz serves now as Executive Relationship Manager for Article One Partners’...
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Jame Cofran

Jame Cofran has 30+ years of experience helping companies achieve their potential...
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Jennifer Adeli 

Jennifer Adeli has more than 20 years of BD and consulting experience in government services,...
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Robert Silverman

Robert Silverman has nearly 30 years of experience building, leading, and guiding...
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Ngozi Irondi-Azubike

Ngozi is a serial entrepreneur and consultant with over 20 years of...
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John M. Grillos

John M. Grillos is a director, mentor and CEO with decades of...
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Paul DiGiammarino

Paul DiGiammarino has 30+ years of experience in lead operating, governance, and...
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Harry Barschdorf

Harry Barschdorf provides strategic consulting services to companies that seek to expand...
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Alison Torrillo French

An experienced facilitator, trainer and coach, Alison has led projects within the...
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Bob Tirva

Bob is a member of the Resonant, Inc. board of directors. Prior...
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Eric Palmer

Eric has 30+ years of outstanding success as a lead operating executive in...
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Ryan Schmelz

Ryan Schmelz is a senior executive and consultant with over 30 years...
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