Manage to Lead is a workbook for leaders, aspiring leaders, and those who help and support leaders.


Manage to Lead bridges the gap between intake and action with templates, tips, and techniques, organized into actions in accord with seven disarmingly simple truths that provide a game plan to help leaders, teams, and organizations achieve their potential to perform and grow.


My name is Peter DiGiammarino; most people call me PeterD. I introduce myself as a professional CEO who has run organizations over 30 years that collectively generated more than $1B in economic value and social impact.

Along the way I read as many management and leadership books as I could get my hands on to find whatever edge there was to be had. While I don’t regret the time spent with any of them, I found that reading was one thing and how to turn what I read into action was often left for me to figure out.

If I had known everything I know now from the beginning, the organizations I led would have performed even better and grown even more and even faster. Less than half of all start-ups make it five years and internal initiatives rarely produce their intended results across organizations of all sizes and stages of maturity. It doesn’t have to be this way and the world would be better off if the success rate were higher.

Leaders, future leaders, and those who help and support leaders have easy access to popular leadership and management content via relatively inexpensive texts, courses, and lectures but usability is not so easy to access.

Manage to Lead bridges the gap between intake and action. As such, Manage to Lead is not a book to read. It is a book to USE. Thousands of students, clients, readers, and followers call it not just helpful, but game-changing…often the difference between failure and success of an organization to perform and grow.

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