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The Power of Clarity: Maximize Organization Performance with Stronger Strategy Alignment

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The Power of Clarity: Maximize Organization Performance with Stronger Strategy Alignment

Begin to learn how to make the change you want and turn ideas into action in this special presentation of The Power of Clarity: Maximize Organization Performance with Stronger Strategy Alignment.

Every organization exists to solve a problem for a customer or stakeholder. But a leading cause of organization performance and execution failures is lack of senior management alignment on exactly what that problem is and who has it.

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Join this session to learn a simple three-step process for uncovering strategic misalignment and fixing it with stronger clarity. The W-W-W Process is based on execution best practices employed by hundreds of top-performing organizations.

  • The presentation will be followed by an interactive question and answer session - everyone is encouraged to take part!
  • The event will be recorded for broadcast as part of an upcoming management conference.

This event was previously recorded for the Manager World Summit.



Peter DiGiammarino, ‘PeterD’

Peter founded IntelliVen after having developed and used his Manage to Lead System to realize $1B⁺ in value created, and to increase impact, across business models and industries. IntelliVen lessons, principles, and approaches help leaders, teams, and organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform and grow.
adam boone

Adam Boone

Adam is an award-winning marketing strategist, launch expert and demand generation consultant. His marketing programs and strategies have driven successful launches and extensions of more than 50 products and services, generating more than a billion dollars in sales pipeline for early-stage companies around the world.


José Luis Romero

Corporate Leadership Development Educator, uLeadr

José Luis has 17 years of experience doing corporate leadership development and 30 years in the Organizational Behavior field.

  • Trained thousands of managers as a coach, mentor, consultant, and facilitator of learning.
  • Creator of the leadership training strategy: “From Boss to World Class Leader,” the only system on the market that teaches managers how to build high-performing teams, in a truly sustainable way.
  • On a mission to democratize organizational high performance.
  • Trilingual: Spanish, English, & French

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