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The first module is for the leader and their team to align on where things sit and on their goals given their organization's mandate, mission, vision, and culture.

This module's output is an Enterprise Change Framework that tells the story of where things are now, why change is essential, what things will look like next, and what will be done to achieve the targeted next state.

This is also when team members ensure that they are able to enter and navigate the MtL System.

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An organization is READY for CHANGE when its top team is 100% aligned on:

  • What their organization provides, to whom, and why customers buy from them (Module 2)

  • How the organization does what it does, creates demand for what it does, and grows using a product, service, channel, operation, or exchange operating model (Module 3)

  • How Well the organization performs vis a vis its past, plan, and peers (Module 4)

  • Who the team counts on to do what as well and who meets with who about what and when (Module 5)
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Module 6 is where ideas for initiatives that would improve performance and accelerate growth are enumerated, organized, assessed, and refined to determine which to move forward with.

  • Collect and assess initiatives from prior modules that would improve performance and accelerate growth.

  • Determine which are likely to provide what benefits with what degree of difficulty.

  • Assign who will be responsible for creating the Initiative Change Framework and oversee efforts to achieve targeted goals.
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At the Immersion Program halfway point, we review with each team leader about how things are going and to refine expectations and adjust as appropriate given the team's progress and challenges.

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The number one reason initiatives fail to live up to the expectations is lack of management attention. In the final modules, the team learns how to increase the odds of success by structuring leadership support and providing a systemic approach to keeping the top-of-the-house connected with the front line!

Specifically, in Modules 7, 8, 9 teams learn how to arrange:

  • What to watch to track progress

  • Stakeholders with whom to communicate throughout

  • Governance to provide oversite and guidance

  • Leadership support with expert advisers, peers, learning community, and access to resources
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To keep things on track, organizations and initiative leaders meet with a consistent forum of experienced executives at regular intervals to review:

  • What was supposed to happen?
  • What was done?
  • What actually happened?
  • What has been learned?
  • What is next?

Additional Support Resources to include:

  • In-line Professional Services  to help architect, build, govern, and change the organization
  • IntelliVen Learning Community (ILC) engagement on LinkedIn (included)
  • Twice yearly online IntelliVen Learning Community online sessions (included)

  • Ongoing executive coaching, governance, and operations support provided by MtL Certified Consultants

  • Four two-day interpersonal skill development workshops to improve conscious use of self, interactions with others, team building, and leading an organization

  • Three-session Strategic Executive Team Development Program to assess team skill mix and develop a plan to upgrade to sync with best practices for the stage of organization maturity