Vistage CEO Group Workshop

How to use the WHAT-WHO-WHY Method to reveal disconnects and Align Your Team.

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About the Workshop

  • Research shows that while business leaders agree that alignment is key to success, less <33% say that their top team is fully aligned across operating functions (see for example).  
  • The WHAT-WHO-WHY Tool and Method, developed from the experience of a dozen highly successful CEOs and COOs (among them Vistage members), has helped create billions in value for private, public, private equity owned, and venture capital backed companies.
  • The tool and method provide a systematic way to discover disconnects and align a team which leads to immediate performance improvement and accelerates value creation.

Leaders have four choices:

ASSUME everyone is thinking the same.

IGNORE differences that show up from time to time.

MANDATE that everyone follow what the leader says.

COLLABORATE TO ALGIN using the WHAT-WHO-WHY Tool and Method.

To develop your ability to align, we:

  • Unpack the W-W-W Tool
  • Work together on an example case
  • Collaborate as a group on a practice case
  • Turn you loose on YOUR CASE

Participant Value

Arriving at a consolidated W-W-W is more of a challenge than it first seems. Participants are surprised to learn that even well-known firms are not doing what people think. Learn to use W-W-Ws to Discover Disconnects, Align and GROW! 

Discover Disconnects



Aligned messages feed sales, marketing, recruiting, onboarding, execution, and M&A.

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