Peer Group Workshop

How to use the WHAT-WHO-WHY Method to reveal disconnects and Align Your Team.

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About the Workshop

A business exists to solve a problem for a population of people who have that problem. Do you and your team agree on the problem you solve for whom? While this seems simple enough, in practice almost nobody in your organization answers in exactly the same way.

Even small differences in how top team members answer can disrupt operations. But when every stakeholder shares the exact same view there is a significant lift across the board.

Leaders have four choices:

ASSUME everyone is thinking the same.

IGNORE differences that show up from time to time.

MANDATE that everyone follow what the leader says.

COLLABORATE to align using the WHAT-WHO-WHY Tool and Workstream.

To develop your individual and team ability to get aligned, we:

  • Unpack the W-W-W Tool
  • Work together on an example case
  • Collaborate as a group on a practice case
  • Turn you loose on YOUR CASE

Participant Value

Arriving at a consolidated W-W-W is more of a challenge than it first seems. Participants are surprised to learn that even well-known firms are not doing what people think. Learn to use W-W-Ws to Get Clear, Aligned, and On Track to reach their potential and:

To describe any organization in terms of whose problem it solves

That stakeholder alignment trumps being right

To Align via Collaboration

Incorporate what your team comes up with into sales, marketing, recruiting, onboarding, and M&A.