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Assess, Develop, and Guide
Leaders and Teams

Executive Session
Executive Performance Assessment
Strategy Offsite
Executive Session: A structured forum to provide rich input to CEOs who seek to improve their own performance, the performance of their top teams, and of their organizations. CEO prepares and presents what s/he seeks to accomplish, what has been done toward that end, and what happened. Insights, ideas, and planned next actions are reviewed with IntelliVen Principals who ask questions to push up thinking and offer advice.
Executive Performance Assessment: Facilitated processes that enable…

  • Leader Assess: Executives to provide each other with honest feedback on competencies, performance, and growth.
  • Leader Assess+: Individual and team skill mix to be compared to an ideal composition by stage of maturity.
Strategy Offsite: A two-day session in which organization leaders break away from to celebrate successes; review discussions, and refresh their alignment on where the organization is headed; assess performance against goals; and to lay the foundation for performance targets and strategic initiatives for the coming year.



Financing and Financial Management

Determine ReadinessFinancial Planning & Annual BudgetFinancial Performance Monitoring & ControlBusiness Model & Performance Metric Setup
We help determine readiness for capital raising and help create fund-raising materials including pitch decks, three-sheet financial models,  information memorandums, and summary business plans. We help the CEO and top team prepare for investor sessions and, when we have the appropriate contacts, make capital source introductions.
Multi-year Financial Plan and Annual Budget: A structured process to prepare a multi-year financial plan and annual budget consistent with organization competence, offerings, purpose, and target market that can be used to effectively monitor and manage performance and growth over the coming performance period.
Financial Performance Monitoring and Control: A structured process to project, assess, and account for monthly and quarterly financial performance against plan and projection over the course of a year.
Business Model and Performance Metric Setup: A structured process to develop a model for internal use or with potential financing sources for how P&L, cash flow, and balance sheet items will look over time if the financial plan is achieved. Includes setting up the chart of accounts, performance metrics, and dashboard based on the business model.



Systems and Processes to Develop
Offerings, Markets, and Sales

Professional Services Business Development System WorkshopSolution ArchitectureSolution Offering Development and ManagementAccount Review
Professional Services Business Development System WorkshopA two-day workshop for experienced and novice professional services business developers (e.g., lawyers, accountants, consultants, coaches, etc.) to learn and practice applying basic skills in business development.
Solution Architecture: A structured approach to identify, categorize, and present organization skills, capabilities, customer problems addressed, and solutions to articulate the highest possible value delivered to existing customers.
Solution Offering Development and Management: A structured way to identify, develop, and manage data, methods, products, and service offerings in order to lower the cost and improve the ability for the organization to sell, deliver, and grow its capacity.
Account Review: A structured forum to provide rich input to Account Managers who seek to improve their performance. The Account Manager prepares and presents what s/he seeks to accomplish, what has been done toward that end, and how it is going. Insights, ideas, and planned next actions are reviewed with highly qualified and engaged advisers who ask questions to push up thinking and offer their best advice.




Develop and Implement Plans and
Measures to Mature Operations

Operations Transformation Planning and ImplementationInitiatives-to-ActionStrategic InitiativesOrganization Analysis and Strategy
Operations Transformation Planning and Implementation: Assess current operations relative to norms by stage of evolution, develop a plan to achieve targeted improvements in do, sell, and grow processes by a specific date and drive to achieve predictable and performance and growth according to a plan.
Initiatives-to-Action: Leadership team of up to 50 people engage in how to set up a change-framework that include strategic initiatives and how to set up, drive, and govern initiatives into action.
Strategic Initiatives: A structured approach to enumerate and launch strategic initiatives consistent with what is most important to change next.
Organization Analysis and Strategy: A graduate student level course for leaders and those that help and support leaders that expand knowledge of organization operations, executive roles, and the centrality of strategy in organization operations, development, and change. Using lectures, fieldwork, guest speakers, analysis, work problems, and cases the course focuses on using Organization Development tools, principles, and methods in strategy development and implementation to move a system toward its desired future.
Transformation Time Line



Manage to Lead Immersion Program: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World

Use your own organization as the case to apply an approach using our course-supplied tools to reach your potential, grow, and make the change you want.