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The Only Leadership Team Development System That Shows You ‘How

Plenty of leadership and management development programs tell you what processes your venture needs to run your business.

The IntelliVen Manage to Lead (MtL) System is the first to give you detailed, practical guidance and tools to actually architect, build, govern, and change your business.

MtL is like an operating manual combined with a playbook for leadership. It gives you and your team easy-to-use, repeatable and crystal-clear steps for driving your business, unit, or team.



Example Manage to Lead System Tools

achieve strategic alignment

Achieve Strategic Alignment

Turn Ideas into Benefits

Turn Ideas into

Analyze and Pick a Business Model

Compare Business Models and Pick Yours

Optimize Your Systems for Growth

Optimize Core Processes for Growth

Bring About Change

Tell Your
Change Story

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The True Challenge of Leadership

Leaders deal with a host of challenges both inside and outside their organizations. But in fact, the true challenge of leadership itself is to understand and manage three complex tasks at the same time:

Operate to keep executing in ways that have worked in the past.

Change systems, processes, and mindsets to perform better and grow faster.

Align to keep your top team on the same page as you Operate and Change.

MtL is an integrated system of tools and templates with step-by-step guidance to execute in all three areas.

The system was developed and tested by a team of successful executives who built and ran top-performing organizations in technology, services, and many other ventures. It has been used by hundreds of leaders of teams, units, companies, and other organizations to recognize and solve the problems hindering growth.

MtL is helping to change the world right now by:

leader teaching students

Empowering executives with technical backgrounds to become people-oriented leaders

leader teaching students
woman researching on her laptop

Enabling venture-backed management teams to lower risk and achieve investment theses

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Improving patient engagement for quality healthcare

Overcoming pandemic-based disruptions for businesses, non-profits and governments

Creating and driving predictable and scalable sales processes

Implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives

Ending homelessness in a major US city

MtL components have been taught at MIT, Stanford, University of Maryland, University of San Francisco, George Mason University, Golden Gate University, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

The MtL tools are featured in the groundbreaking
book by IntelliVen founder, PeterD:

Manage to Lead:
Seven Truths to Help You Change the World

manage to lead workbook
  • Seven truths and the actions they drive are common across all organizations.
  • The Truths provide a recipe for operating, changing and aligning.
  • The truths are simple. The actions the truths drive are anything but simple to implement. MtL tools, methods, and principles make them possible.
  • The MtL System equips leaders with tools to act on the truths and bring about the change they want.

Four Easy Ways to Get Started with MtL

Free Access to All MtL Tools

Register to access all 60+ MtL tools, templates, and related content at no cost or obligation

MtL Immersion Program

Join intensive, hands-on training in how to access and apply MtL System tools, methods, and principles with a cohort of other leaders and their teams

MtL Accelerator

Custom assistance to access and apply MtL System Tools to meet your organization's specific objectives and challenges

MtL System

Ten integrated online workstreams show how to access and apply MtL tools and templates in the most common step-by-step order, including tutorials and supplemental material.

Who Uses MtL?

Is MtL Right for Me?

MtL has been successfully deployed by leaders of private, public, and professionally financed ventures as well as non-profit organization and government agency leaders. Hundreds of corporate leaders and top teams, up-and-coming managers, and graduate-level business students are using MtL.

The MtL System is ideal for all leaders and their teams, especially those that are:

  • Up-and-coming organization, unit, or function leaders
  • Startup entrepreneurs
  • Owner-operators preparing for transition
  • Professionally financed management teams
  • CEOs raising their organizations to the next level