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Tools, methods, and principles for driving higher performance in your organization

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Interpersonal skills enrichment
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Cracking the code to maximize organization performance can be elusive. But most often, organization performance is directly linked to leadership team performance.

Executive Team Operational
and People Competence

The Manage to Lead for Breakthrough Performance Program provides a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that prepares your leaders to maximize their team’s performance and, ultimately, that of your entire organization.

MtL for Breakthrough Performance provides your leaders with tools, methods, and principles that they will internalize and apply however they think best to your specific company and situation.

All organizations can benefit from the MtL for Breakthrough Performance Program, especially those that:

  • Struggle to reach the next level.
  • Face such rapid growth that leaders are overwhelmed.
  • Need to innovate in the face of market disruption.
  • Seek to capitalize on new technology, products, markets or strategic opportunities.
  • Need stronger business, operating, people, and leadership skills to complement strong technical skills.
  • Are your leaders clear and aligned on the change they are trying to make and what they need to do to make it happen?
  • Do they know how to identify and address performance blockers?
  • Do they have and apply the mindset, interpersonal skills, and behaviors that propel excellent team performance?
  • Do your leaders come from highly successful technology, math, science or economics backgrounds but lack experience in leadership, people, and business skills?

IntelliVen Programs are hailed as "game-changers" with proven results.

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Hi, I'm PeterD

OD Competent CEO, IntelliVen

Peter F. DiGiammarino is a professional OD-competent CEO, professor, and author with 35+ years of success practically applying behavioral theory to lead and guide public, private, venture-backed, and private equity-owned for-profit, and not-for-profit ventures in North America and around the world.

Peggy - IntelliVen

Hi, I'm Peggy

OD Competent Business Leader, IntelliVen

Peggy Alfonso has over 30 years of experience helping leaders and their teams in telecommunications, financial services, and the federal government imagine, shape, and implement their most critical large-scale organization, systems, and process change initiatives.

Manage to Lead Program Modules

Each of seven simple truths drive a continuum of actions that growing organizations adopt as they mature and progress towards operational excellence.

The program arms your leaders to:

  • Become fully aligned and focused on what must be done to break through to the next level of performance and growth.
  • Identify growth blockers and implement change to remove them.
  • Analyze and take action when disruption hits
  • Shift their mindset and enhance their interpersonal skills and behaviors to practice more effective leadership that collects followers and engages employees.
  • Apply organization development and talent management best practices to lead their teams and organizations to reach their potential.

MtL for Breakthrough Performance is for leaders and their teams of three to seven members, and their HR/OD Business Partner if they have one.

  • The most senior company executives
  • Business Unit leaders 
  • Line function leaders (R&D, sales, customer success, etc.)
  • Support function leaders (OD, HR, accounting, etc.)
  • Leaders of cross-functional change initiatives

About the Program

The Manage to Lead for Breakthrough Performance Program is based on the IntelliVen Manage to Lead System, a collection of tools, methods, and principles drawn from decades practically applying organization development concept and human behavior theory for business success. Elements of MtL have been taught at American University NtL/MSOD, MIT, Stanford, University of Maryland, George Mason University, Golden Gate University, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


A tailored hands-on solution that guides leaders and their teams to create a realistic, executable plan based on organizational goals.


Apply what you learn to real cases and then to Your Case with feedback from experienced operating executives.


Access to proprietary tools and templates that capture best operating and strategy implementation practices.

Core Components

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Graphic icons stand for the OD-imbued tools, templates, and approaches introduced in that topic module. Participant teams bring together program content to build a board-worthy plan used to brief outside executives in the program’s culminating session and that underpins efforts to implement it post-program.

Topic Content

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MtL topic content, via the learning system, and IntelliVen tools, via the web, are accessible 24/7 as a support resource for the team to draw upon over ensuing months as they implement the plan developed during the program. Cohorts continue to convene as long as they find it valuable to share progress and lessons learned.

IntelliVen provides ongoing instructional, administrative, and consulting support upon request.

MtL for Breakthrough Performance is for leaders and their teams of three to seven members.

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