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The Art of the Exit

Picking the Path

The Art of the Exit e-Book Series

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Building a Company
Exit Plan

At some time in the future, you are going to want the option to take your company public or exit your company via its sale or merger. Planning for such an event should start well in advance because you need to make your company conform to a set of performance metrics that will interest acquirers, merger partners, or public market investors.

The process these days is more challenging than in the past because the business world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Business life cycles are shortening, competitive threats materialize faster and customer requirements are changing more rapidly.

You have spent years building your business. From the spark of an idea to securing capital, to operationalizing your business model, to building your team, to driving business growth … you have done it all and have the scars to prove it. Protect that investment by preparing now with a company exit plan.

But how do you start to work toward an exit?


John Grillos shows us how in his new e-book series, The Art of the Exit.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

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how to plan and execute an exit

for Owner-Operators

IntelliVen Principal Consultant John Grillos has captured the best practices for how to plan and execute an exit for owner-operators looking to cash in on the value they have created.

John has four decades of experience with building companies and orchestrating high-value exits. His experience is now distilled into a multi-part series of e-books: The Art of the Exit.

Published in association with IntelliVen, John’s e-book series provides:

  • A comprehensive list of the factors, considerations, pitfalls and best practices surrounding any exit plan.
  • Guidance for formulating an exit strategy that maximizes the value for the owner-operator.
  • Tips for how to analyze macro- and micro-trends and timing considerations that can present value creation opportunities to lead to a better exit.
  • Advice on templates and tools to assist with company alignment, growth, and exit planning, including IntelliVen’s Manage to Lead Program and toolbox.

Ready to Choose Your Path to Exit?

Get the framework for assessing your options around which of these paths will be most attractive and achievable.

John Grillos

John Grillos

Who is John Grillos?

John is a successful entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, angel investor, exit coach, and IntelliVen Principal Consultant with an impressive four-decade track record in every aspect of starting and growing companies and orchestrating successful exits.

Here is how John explains what he has learned and what drives him:

My Passion

My passion is helping companies become leaders in their markets. I have developed the needed skills to help company owners and CEOs over several decades as a C-suite operator and financier of dozens of companies. I started or bought, built and sold two companies. I managed four venture capital firms, including two I founded, with combined capital under management exceeding $500 million.

My Background

I have been a highly influential director of 26 for-profits, both private and public, and non-profit organizations. My efforts have helped create billions of dollars in realized market value and thousands of jobs. 

I have gone through the company life cycle with nearly 30 companies. I was an investor or board member in all of them, and the CEO or Executive Chairman in 19 of them. Eleven of those 19 were winners in terms of creating returns to investors and management via mergers, IPOs, and other high-value exits. 

My ventures and professional investment initiatives have been associated with a broad range of industry success stories, including Google, Sylvan Learning, CNet, and acquisitions by IBM and other industry heavyweights.

Today I help entrepreneurs and owner-operators plan their own paths to exit via my mentoring and services as an exit strategy coach. You can learn more at https://johnmgrillos.com

Choose Your Path to Exit

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Book 1: The Art of the Exit:  Picking the Path


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