Manage to Lead:

7 Truths to Help You Change the World

Topic 2: Change Framework


If the leader thinks s/he knows what needs to change and that everyone is aligned, ask:

How do you know your team knows what you want to do; why don’t we ask them just to verify?

If they all say what you expect them to say, a positive step towards getting what you want done will have been taken just by bringing it to the center of their attention.

If it turns out that some or all of the team are not as aligned as expected, then remedial steps can be taken.



PART 1: Initiatives to Action

What happens just before a leadership team leaves their strategy off-site at which they developed a slate of strategic initiatives for the coming year makes all the difference! This video explains what it takes to ensure the team doesn't end up having the same meeting again a year later. This video is from an exercise that is part of the Manage to Lead Immersion Program.

PART 2: Change Framework Template

Use the Change Framework to convey how things are nowwhy they must changehow things will be when change occurs, and what must be done to affect the intended change. Have each management team member fill out the Change Framework to make a clear and compelling case for each initiative.  Iterate with the team until all members are crystal clear about each initiative.

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It is so valuable to 1) reflect, review, and create a structured way to clarify your business 2) think before making changes and know your end goal 3) talk to your team/ open up lines of communication as much as possible 4) find support as a leader in people doing what you're doing, such as our outside executive today!!!

— Leah Dunne, Mingle

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