july, 2020

mon20jul8:00 amMoved OnlineManage to Lead Immersion Program Online Interactive OverviewView Session Recording and Materials.Sponsored by Engagement Dynamics - Co-Host: Janet du Preez, Versatile Leadership Development Practitioner8:00 am PT
5:00 Pm - 6:30 Pm SAST
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Manage to Lead Immersion Program Online Interactive Overview

Post-Session Materials

Manage to Lead Interactive Overview and Participants:

  We sincerely appreciate and thank you for attending, and registering to attend, today's Engagement Dynamics Sponsored IntelliVen Manage to Lead (MtL) Immersion Program Online Interactive Overview.   Those who submitted a WWW for their organization ahead of today's session can look forward to receiving an annotated version of their submission in the next week or so. If you haven't yet submitted a WWW for your organization, it is not too late. Please see our extended content offer below and follow instructions to receive instructor comments.   Extended Content Offer: Check out the content and template at this link to fill out and submit a WWW for your organization. We will review and reply with at least three constructive comments for your consideration at no cost or obligation. You are invited to encourage team members to submit separate entries so you can compare annotated responses across team members to find points of dissonance and alignment. We Value and Appreciate Your Feedback! Please fill out and submit this short survey to let us know your reactions to the MtL content. The form also provides a way for you to let us know your level of interest, if any, in tapping further into MtL offerings. Reflections Shared by Participants:
    • This was exactly what we're envisioning, especially in the current climate. With so much is up in the air, we need something like the MtL System to ground us.
    • There may not ever be the perfect time to start, but the more you get into it, the more applicable MtL is to what's going on for you as a leader, and for your team, no matter where you are in the process.
    • Go slow to go fast. That's what this program does, because it slows a team down to get clear and aligned on where they are now and on what needs to be done next. The program then helps the team learn how to put in place straightforward structures and steps to make what they have decided to do actually happen.
    • It's not an academic course of study. It is an executive immersion program where Your Case IS the Course. Every single thing that you learn, every topic, every concept, you have an opportunity to practice to make sure that you understand it. Then, you get to apply it to your case. The feedback that comes from sharing with other teams in the cohort during the live sessions is of incalculable value!
    • I first experienced elements of MtL 15 years ago when Peter and his team stepped in to help the company I was then working for. What I experienced has stuck in my mind ever since. I reference MtL content at least every three to four months especially now that I run my own company. This stuff really works!
  Content from Today's Interactive Overview:     Additional Content:       We hope to hear from you and to see you again soon!

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Begin to learn how to make the change you want and turn ideas into action in this 90-minute interactive, online overview workshop of Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World, sponsored by Engagement Dynamics.
  • Participate live with up to 30 others.
  • Receive a PDF of session slides, video recording, and transcript post-session.
  • Submit your advance material for instructor feedback (just like in the full program).


(Monday) 8:00 am PT
5:00 Pm - 6:30 Pm SAST


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