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For deal teams who want to create maximal value in minimal time. Offer your portfolio company management team the Manage to Lead Value Creation Program — the only resource they’ll need to get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform and grow.

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IntelliVen helps portfolio companies achieve results on time, on target, and on budget. Developed by a team of serially successful PE portfolio company CEOs and COOs, The Value Creation Program provides insider best practices for portfolio company management teams to reach their most aggressive growth goals.

“Within 2 years we actually executed our initial 5-year plan”

— Eric Palmer, Gemcom CFO

Teamwork of businesspeople works together

If your management team isn't internally aligned — or worse, not aligned with you and the board — you all are going to under-perform.


Teamwork of businesspeople at work to build a business system

First internal to the team, then with the deal team, and finally with their board — systematically using tools and a framework that can be used repeatedly as the company scales.

Alignment produces incredible results:

  • Increased operating margins
  • Faster growth in less time
  • Improved communications
  • Smoother decision making
  • Agility to adapt
  • Positive interpersonal relationships

Operations mire down without alignment:

  • Delays in planning and execution
  • Constant "fires" and petty drama that diminishes productivity
  • Meetings that don't move the ball forward
  • Unclear expectations and no accountability
  • Reduced performance and communication
  • Turbulent turnover

"We didn't even realize that entropy had crept in until we began using the IntelliVen tools and methods. We were able to get true alignment using the MtL techniques we still rely on years later.”

— Reid Jackson, Unison CEO

Create Maximal Value

While immersed in the Value Creation Program your management team will:


Determine Value Creation Drivers (VCDs)

Initial program modules guide the management team to determine what Value Creation Drivers (VCDs) will achieve the maximum value in the shortest time with the least cost and risk.


Align Internally and Externally

The program structure ensures both that the management team is internally aligned on the VCDs as well as aligned with the board where alignment is clarity reached jointly.


Develop and Execute Strategic Initiatives

The immersive program directs the management team to identify, develop, and communicate a short list of Strategic Initiatives and accountabilities required to execute on the VCDs aggressively and profitably.


Drive Value Through Consistent Growth

Management teams graduate the program by launching a reporting and governance cadence to ensure timely execution of their Strategic Initiatives, indicating they are ready and able to drive growth.

"We have benefited greatly from working with IntelliVen. We have gotten much more clear and aligned, implemented a Do & Review framework, benefited from outside help, become more focused, and absolutely grown."

— Robert Acosta, Ventera Founder and CEO

Why Value Creation Program is Right for You

You’re looking for companies with good management teams, that operate in growing markets, and have tons of upside — you see the potential for out-sized returns.


Deal teams invest in Value Creation Program because this program helps management teams get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform and grow, thereby dramatically increasing the overall odds of success. It’s not unusual to see a 3X return on invested capital with 30⁺% IRR in half the targeted time.


While the Value Creation Program involves individual learning through reading, viewing, and lectures, group work is iterative, interactive and experience-based. The program is unparalleled in its power and success rate for one simple reason:

Your Case IS the Course

Case-work from start to finish is based principally on the organization itself, which makes program outcomes 100% relevant and actionable.

The result? Maximal value created in minimal time.


“My team internationalized Manage to Lead to develop and implement a plan. In just one month, we saw amazing results. Years later, we are still soaring!”

– Rich Maresco, CEO & Principal Owner of a 200-person remodeling business

How It Works

Proven Alignment Methodology

  • Ideal for teams of 3-7 to take on their own or as a member of a cohort
  • Customized delivery available in-person, online, or both
  • 10 weekly 2-hour live and highly interactive instructor-led sessions
  • Lifetime access to exercises, content, tools, and templates

Outperform Your
Investment Thesis

  • Increase the likelihood that management will exceed plan — ahead of time
  • See 3 - 4X return on invested capital with 30⁺% (or more) IRR in half the targeted time
  • Arbitrage risk vs. rewards with the MtL system developed by IntelliVen

Outperform Your
Investment Thesis

  • Understand what works and why for repeatability and scalability
  • Increase trust, constructive conflict, communication, and accountability
  • Culminates in final presentation to the board


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