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Interview:Individual Executive Performance and Development Assessment Summary


This discussion walks through how top teams can easily, efficiently, and powerfully collect, consolidate, review, and administer feedback to the team leader and to each other to improve individual and team performance. Executives are in an ideal position to provide each other with honest feedback on performance and growth that, once revealed, increases their odds of individual and group success. The traditional approach is difficult. Here's why:  Compiling a quality performance assessment is difficult; consequently it often gets put off to be done at the last minute but it takes time to do a good job and time runs out.  Assessment content tends to be arbitrary based on ability, skills, and perspective of the reviewer and may not represent the best thinking or interests of the team.  Reviewers tend to avoid raising and dealing with tough matters that should be addressed aggressively because it is uncomfortable and they are not trained or motivated to do otherwise.  The process can be demoralizing.  It is easy to dismiss or ignore important feedback that is judged to be misguided perception of the reviewer and not a reflection of reality or a point of view held by many.  Reviewers may overly rely on input from self-evaluations. The approach presented here overcomes these challenges and leads to a high-quality result with modest investment of time and expense.

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