Graphics and templates to implement lessons, principles, and approaches.


Fill-in the W-W-W template to indicate WHAT your organization provides to WHOM and WHY customers buy it . Collect answers from individual management team members, review, share, compare, and consolidate to develop a common view.

More important than getting the W-W-W right is getting it the same across all Core Leaders. Once leaders agree on the same W-W-W they can work to improve and optimize it over time.

Change Framework

Click to fill-in and submit a Change Framework template for expert review and feedback on an organization and on each strategic initiative.

PDF of Change Framework Power Point slides and associated workshop instructions.

Download Interview Questions
Download editable Change Framework

Leadership Support Structure

Fill out the Leadership Support Structure template to indicate who plays which roles in providing outside support to the leader. See this power point presentation on leadership support for more.

Idea-to-Benefit Cycle

A leader has an idea, determines whether and how to implement it, organizes and drives a team to bring it to reality, operates with the idea in place, and enjoys the benefits of having it be real. Outside help is available throughout the Idea-to-Benefit cycle.

PDF slide deck to explain above graphic.

As editable Power Point, for a small fee.

Idea-to-Benefit Cycle Economics

Commodity services can be provided at premium rates if they are associated with the implementation of an important vision (e.g., building a castle) and not just every-day services (e.g., laying bricks).

Planning Offsite Sessions

IntelliVen offers four different offsite sessions that provide leadership teams with a framework and structure to work on strategy and operating plans.

Each session is specially designed to drive to a clear focus and team alignment on a specific aspect of operations.

The four sessions are described in the graphic. The first sets a solid foundation and is designed to be complement with one of the other three in succeeding years.

Roles to Revenue

The discreet functions are not always performed by different people but it is important to be explicitly aware of what has to happen every step of the way along towards generating revenue.

Ways to drive sales in a services business

Sell, deliver, extend, expand, find new nearby, resell to others what has been done successfully as summarized in this post.

PDF slide deck to explain above graphic. 

As editable Power Point for a small fee.

Live discussion of the framework with industry players.

Services Solution Architecture

Use the Services Solution Architecture to index skills, capabilities, competency areas, and solutions from past client engagements. Consider offering prospective clients solutions rather than skills to drive a higher order value proposition that demands higher fees and larger, longer engagements.  Think of it as selling castles instead of laying bricks.

Five Steps to a Sale

Fill in and use the five step sequence to educate prospects about how the best do what they are trying to do and then how you can help.

Generic Proposal Preparation Process and Data Flow

It is important to be clear about who is involved how in deciding whether or not to invest in developing a proposal to deliver products and services.

Performance Appraisal and Salary Action Process

The Performance Appraisal and Salary Action processes are best kept separate with one performance appraisals feeding salary actions. For more on this topic see this post.

Level Titles

Level titles are best awarded based on degree of independence and scope and scale of contribution in any role that is core to what the organization does.

Organization Development Model

Most organizations move too quickly to implement change. It is wise to first study the current situation to understand it fully, design the change, develop a plan of action to get there and then implement the change as depicted in the chart above.

Operations Transformation Plan

Time-phased, parallel work streams depict what is to be done, by whom, and when in order for an organization to perform and grow in line with industry benchmarks after an initial period of data collection, assessment, and planning.

Strategic Initiative Governance and Management System

This example shows how an organization applies the Manage to Lead System tools to construct an approach to governing strategic initiatives.

Leadership Traits by Stage of Maturity

Use the Leadership Traits by Stage of Maturity framework of leader behaviors to assess maturity and create a professional development plan. See the Grow Chapter of Manage to Lead for background.

LPI and Checkpoint360 Comparison

360-Feedback Systems are not all the same. See this detailed comparison of two for example. The figure also points out what no 360s do but that the IntelliVen Executive Assessment does do to optimalloy facilitate leader and team growth and development.


Do & Review Cycle

Set up and use the Do & Review Cycle to improve anything an organization does systematically, such as what it does to Do, Sell, and Grow.

Meeting Record Template

Memorialize key points after every meeting using the Meeting Record Template. See this post on how to organize and memorialize what happens in a meeting to increase its efficiency and value.

Download Interview Questions
Download an editable Meeting Record Template


Management team members fill-in and review this template to launch each strategic initiative they will sponsor going forward. See this Plan Change post.

A version of the Initiative-to-Action template that can be filled in is available at this link.

Stages of Venture Maturity

Ventures progress through five more-or-less well-defined stages of maturity each characterized by different elements and requiring different strengths from leadership.

Executive Team Skill Assessment Worksheet

Click, print, and fill out this form to prepare to compare an organization’s executive team skill mix with the ideal skill mix for its stage of maturity.

How to think about Product Management

Product Management oversees, guides, and drives everything having to do with a given product. Responsibilities are both internal and external to the organization as depicted in this comprehensive exhibit.

Prospect to Customer

Marketing efforts to find and cultivate a new customer fall into four progressive categories as shown in the figure and explained in this post.

Behaviorally Anchored Interview Questions

Ask candidates questions that tap present and future states and that uncover their current language and thinking around undue sensitivity to criticism, feeling unappreciated, etc. See this post for explanation and further examples.

Financial Plan, Management & Control, and Governance

The current state financial model reveals how finances currently work. The target state financial model shows how finances will work at a point in the future. The plan is to go from the current state to the future and is reviewed initially, and as the organization performs, by the board to provide consistent accountability and advice.

Exit Interview Form

Assign an unbiased executive to collect answers to the questions on this form. It is essential that the interviewer work diligently to create an open and trustworthy atmosphere to get to the essentials truths.


Manage to Lead Flyer

Organization Background and Preliminary Assessment

Fill out and forward this Organization Background and Preliminary Assessment prior to contacting IntelliVen Principals to get off to a fast start and to make the most of our time together.

Taxonomy of Technologists

Technologists are not all the same. Here is a useful taxonomy for dis-aggregating the population of technologists to help with hiring, career planning and development, and role clarity.

Client Interview Data Collection Form

Surveying client executives to learn what impressions your organization has left is a powerful way to learn and grow as well as to cultivate opportunities to deliver more value for past clients, others in the same organization, and others like themselves in other organizations.

Performance Assessment Data Collection Form

Use this form to collect input on executive performance from peers, subordinates, and managers consistent with the approach laid out in this post.

A Framework for Measuring Progress Using Corporate Knowledge Stores

Motivating and tracking employee actions to store and retrieve corporate knowledge (lessons learned, best practices, etc.) is important but difficult to do well. This article by acclaimed expert in the field, Susan Hanley, presents a solid foundation for doing it well.

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