Graphics and templates to implement lessons, principles, and approaches.


A business solves a problem for a customer.

Change Framework

Context matters.

Leadership Support

Get good at getting help.

License Fees

Perpetual vs. Subscription for Enterprise Value

State Definition

Answers define an organization’s state

Process v Content

Both beat either.

Heat Map

Value Creation Initiatives

Idea-to-Benefit Cycle

Turn ideas into reality.

Road Map

How to bring a work plan to life.

Contract & Govern

“If you think you can or you think you can’t…”

Client Pyramid

Know what you have and what you want.

Frames of Mind

What change leaders need to know.


System of Systems

How to Drive Sales

Turn what works into a revenue flywheel.

Do & Review Cycle

What, Why, So What, Now What?

Missed Lift

Behavior Change Takes Conscious Effort

Sale or Financing

Step-by-step guide.

Run a Great Meeting

Meetings make the difference.

Leader Overview

Manifestation of Leadership

Organization Stages

Concept through Mature

Effective v. Mature

Most get it right in their second job out of IBM.

Business Models

Pick one and get it right.


Pizza-Making v. Pizza-Making Business

Solution Architecture

How to build a castle instead of lay bricks.

Five Steps to a Sale

Teach to sell.

Ways to Engage

Step Up to Play at the Top.

Six P’s to Perform

How to Prepare like a Pro

Financial Dashboard

How to view PAST, PRESENT, and PLAN.

Annual Assessments

Keep appraisals apart from raises.

Alliance Continuum

You are how you play together.

Level Titles

What’s in mind when a job is done?


How to win the game you are playing.

OD Methodology

Diagnose before doing.

Market Size

Growth is Good!

Shrink to Size

What to do in crisis

Transformational Plan

It pays to have a plan.

Four Kinds of Help

Help is not all the same.

Maturity Assessment

Maturity Mean Progress

Initiative Governance


Leader Behaviors

Ideal leadership traits change with maturity.

Meeting Record

Power in the pen.

Consulting Economics

Build castles instead of laying bricks.


Turn initiatives into action.

Team Skill Mix

Ideal skill mix changes with maturity.

Goal Setting

Aim High — Do Better

Finance Terms

Words matter.

Roles to Revenue

Making a sale is more than one job.

Proposal Preparation

Proposal roles and controls.

Initiative Profiles

All change is not the same.

New Skill Progression

New skills become core in stages.

Product Management

Every offering needs a CEO.

Offering Manager

"Lub-Dub": the heartbeat of success.

Prospect to Customer

Direct marketing beats advertising.

Behavioral Interview

Behavior speaks louder than words.

Annual Processes

It helps to see the big picture.

360 Assessments

Assessments are not all the same.

Executive Session

Preparation Instructions

Financial Cycle

Management and Control Cycle

Exit Interview

Truth matters.

Annual Goals

Pay for a page of the plan.

Tech Taxonomy

You need more than a programmer.

Client Interview Form

Ask your customer about you.


Five questions tell all you need to know.