Do & Review



MtL System Module 7 shows how to use the Do & Review framework to manage and control the evolution of an organization and its processes.

MtL Tutorial Module 7 provides background, instruction, practice cases, and input prompts that prepare leaders to use the Do & Review Framework.

Set up and use a Do & Review Cycle to improve anything an organization does systematically, such as what it does to Do, Sell, and Grow. Continue to iterate until the system consistently performs according to plan and then drive to scale.

A good way to think about running an organization is as a series of scientific experiments where you say:

  • I am going to do something
  • Decide what measure is best to use with what you are going to do
  • Before I do, I am going to guess (project) what will happen when I do it
  • Do something
  • Measure
  • Assess and explain the difference
  • Decide what to do differently next time
  • Tweak what you do and/or how your project
  • Repeat until a pattern of predictable behavior is achieved

The result is a learning model, a series of scientific experiments, to use with any process, whether you are creating demand, delivering to customers, increasing capacity, or running an entire business.


  1. Decide what to watch to know how well you’re doing (e.g., Utilization Rate = Direct Labor/Total Labor)
  2. Project what the chosen metric will be after completing the next cycle (e.g., Utilization Rate Projection = 73%)
  3. Perform through the next cycle and then take a reading of the metric (e.g., Utilization Rate Actual = 63%)
  4. Explain why the actual turned out to be different than the projection (e.g., a project ended early and direct staff ended up “on the bench”)
  5. Decide what is to be learned from the result (e.g., we should have realized the project was at risk and factored that into the projection)

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