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John Cochran

John Cochran has over 30 years of success helping public, private, and private equity-owned government IT and consulting services providers develop and scale their system of selling using a repeatable, scaleable approach to federal sales that he developed and honed over the course of his highly successful career.

For example:

    • For Planning Research Corporation (PRC), now part of Northrop Grumman, as VP of Sales, John and his team drove over $700M of re-seller sales in a three year period.


    • For PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), as Managing Director, Business Development he led Federal/State & Local sales and was responsible for first-year revenue of over $125M.


    • For IBM, as Managing Director of Public Sector Sales,  John led his team to generate net-new sales of over $750M in just two years.


    • For KPMG, over five-years, he led growth in excess of $500M.


    • For Private Equity-owned NetStar-1, now WBB, he implemented his system of organic demand creation which helped accelerate the $50M sale of the company’s IT services platform.

More recently, John has focused on helping PE-owned and private ventures take their systems of selling federal government IT services to the next level with similar results.

John’s passion is to share  his public sector Go to Market Framework across the business development life-cycle with up-and-coming federal service providers to achieve targeted growth.

John earned a BS in Education from the University of North Texas State. Before launching a career in business, John was a high school teacher and football coach at Carter High School in Dallas, Texas.


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