Heat Map



MtL System Module 6 shows how to use a Heat Map to visually depict initiatives generated in Modules 2 – 5 in order to determine which to pursue.

MtL Tutorial Module 6 provides background, instruction, practice cases, and input prompts that prepare leaders to use Heat Maps.

Once a list of initiatives is compiled important to decide which to implement. A Heat Map is a visually compelling way to organize initiatives according to how easy they are to implement (accounting for cost, risk, time, available resources, complexity, probability of success, and so on) relative to the value the initiative would generate if completed.

Initiatives in the upper-right are relatively easy to implement and drive high value so are quick wins that would be a shame to miss.

Sample Heat Map

A heat map can be used to depict a collection of initiatives according to their expected value and ease of implementation. Doing so helps leaders discern which of all possible initiatives should be declared imperatives. Use the heat map generator at this link to layout initiatives in a two-by-two according to their value vs. ease of implementation.