Change Framework



MtL System Modules 1, 6, and 7 show how to use the Change Framework to communicate Enterprise and Strategic Initiative change stories.

MtL Tutorial Modules 1, 6, and 7 provide background, instruction, practice cases, and input prompts that prepare leaders to use the Change Framework.

The leader’s job is to decide what is most important to change next for their organization to perform better and/or grow faster. The rich thinking that goes into deciding what to change, why, and how, while key to success, is often lost to history.

The Change Framework turns an item on a list into a compelling story that sets the context for change and motivates action at any level, be it organization, unit, function, initiative, or behavior.

The Case for Change Framework tool and process empower leaders and teams to be clear and aligned on where their organization is today, why it must change, what it will be like when it is changed, and what is most important to be done next to achieve the target next state.

The Case for Change Process produces:

  • A rigorous description of the organization’s Current State. Specifically:
    • What your organization provides, to who, why they buy it from you.
    • How your organization does what it does, creates demand, and increases capacity to do both.
    • What operating model you use, core competencies, and what to watch to know how well you are doing.
    • How you have performed relative to past, plans, and peers.
    • Who you count on for what, and who meets with who, when, and why.
  • A description of the Future State leadership aspires to achieve next 
  • A Case for Change that makes clear what good things happen when the envisioned change is made and what bad things happen if the change is not made.
  • A set of:
    • Value Creation Drivers and Value Creation Initiatives (To-Dos)
    • Required underlying behavioral and cultural shifts (To-Be’s)
    • Factors that inhibit/accelerate the planned change
  • An estimate of the net value to be realized from implementing the identified changes.

The Case for Change Framework tool and process produces the following outcomes essential to communicating and implementing a strategic plan:

  • A clear picture of the present and target next state fully understood and agreed to by the top leaders.
  • The Case for Change and the Strategic Initiatives required to achieve the target next state.
  • The foundation for a plan to reach the organization’s potential to perform and grow.