MtL System Module 3 shows how to use the DO-SELL-GROW framework to communicate what the organization DOes, how the organization creates demand for, or SELLs, what it does, and how the organization increases, or GROWs, capacity to DO and SELL.

MtL Tutorial Module 3 provides background, instruction, practice cases, and input prompts that prepare leaders to use the DO-SELL-GROW Framework.

For the organization as a whole and for each of its DO, SELL, and GROW processes fill in the table with relevant processes, entities, and repositories. Then draw a chart to show the flows between the elements. Assess the process flow chart for constraints, redundancies, choke points, etc. and look for ways to streamline. Determine which DO, SELL, or GROW process most constrains organization and growth and look for ways to implement changes that will relieve the constraint.