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A private equity owned $50M software firm based in Vancouver, CN with offices in London, Melbourne, South Africa, and Chile. Customers are responsible for mine safety and supplies at the world’s largest precious metal mining companies; including DeBeers. Gemcom software helps customers design safer mine support structures and organize the flow of supplies for optimum safety and efficiency.


Owners insisted that management investigate providing professional services, in addition to software. There was reason to believe significant demand for help using the software to run mines better and more safely existed based on what customers had accomplished on their own and on what the competition was doing. Gemcom executives and staff had little-to-no experience selling and delivering professional services and launched an initiative to bootstrap.

What IntelliVen Did

Over three months:

Interviewed CEO, CFO, board members, and members of the management team to draw out expectations for, and commitment to, offering services in advance of full-day management team offsite in Chile to review progress and make plans going forward.

Helped regional and functional leaders in locations around the world prepare to brief peers, CEO, and CFO on what they were trying to do in their area, what had happened so far, what they had learned, and what they planned to do next.

Facilitated day-long session in Chile, drew out key points, and led the group to become clear about the current state, case for change, target state, and initiatives that would, if successful, lead them to where they wanted to be next.

Helped set up and launch a governance process to ensure management visibility to progress and problems in order to provide proper and timely guidance and direction along the way.


Several fold increase in the number and size of contracts for both license fees and services. Led to significant and sustained growth and performance improvements.

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