Leadership Development

IntelliVen Leadership Development stimulates performance improvement principally by enhancing the way that leaders act individually and in groups, teams, and organizations.  Leaders at all levels are challenged to get the most from their organizations by developing teams to fulfill their potential.

The skills most needed to lead effectively are not yet widely practiced nor are they widely taught. They are also difficult to figure out alone on-the-job even for bright and highly motivated professionals.  The IntelliVen Leadership Development Program fills an important gap in executive development by drawing on the experience of pioneering IntelliVen executives and executive coaches, who have turned Behavioral Science theory into practical success by working with many current and future leaders across public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Top performers who follow the IntelliVen Leadership Development Program are equipped with principles, tools and methods that increase the odds of success, both for them and their teams.  Course content is organized in interactive and manageable sessions that enable participants to assimilate and apply key concepts to their own work environment.  Underpinning theory is brought to life by real case studies and problem sets worked on individually, in small groups, and with the class as a whole.

Intelligent Strategies. Successful Ventures.