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3 Tips and Four C’s to Raise a leader’s Communication game

Leaders who practice conscious, courteous, courageous, culturally sensitive language arts rise to the top. It is human nature to follow those who lead by example, inspire us, and who appear confident and poised.

Such traits are no accident. The best leaders manage themselves to convey a dynamic energy, stage presence, and powerful communications. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression. What impression do you choose to make?

Think of it like this: you walk in confidently, looking pulled together, and then open your mouth to speak. Does what comes out match the visual cues received from looking at you? That is, do you sound as good as you look?

Your voice speaks volumes about your confidence level, your education, socioeconomic stature, and your roots. And your voice can be managed to help you be a more effective leader.

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Federal Sales

The best federal sales executives find that just three things lead to more wins than losses:

  • Excellent client relationship.
  • A number one or two ranked technical proposal.
  • A price within 2-3% of the lowest bidder.

A well thought out, implementable selling system should assure these three tenets are in place. That is what it takes to achieve consistent, scalable, organic growth in the government marketplace.

Selling to government is easy… most companies make it hard.


Form a Federal Sales Steering Committee, chaired by the organization leader and staffed with executives who lead relevant corporate functional areas (such as sales, delivery, product development, contracts, human resources, and finance) to conduct an internal assessment process. The Assessment Phase should take about 30-days to complete.

Retain the support of an outside, experienced, highly successful federal sales executive to guide the committee through the assessment and implementation of recommendations. Continue reading Federal Sales

How to frame and drive sales in a services business.

Leaders of services businesses are often so busy either delivering their services or hustling to land their next client that they never get around to building a systematic way to deliver more value to current clients.

The best service business leaders create an unfair advantage by assigning engagement leaders to deliver on target, on time, and on budget to create satisfied clients and lay the groundwork for delivering more — much more — services. Leaders should develop explicit goals to extend, expand, and find new opportunities to deliver extraordinary value to their clients with the most growth potential.

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Market Lead Position Description

An organization counts on a Market Leader to:

  • Build and work with a top team to develop, maintain, and drive to achieve an annual plan for a well-defined portfolio of current and targeted customers.
  • Connect with established and emerging customers to develop a point of view as to where the market is and where it should go and then proactively and systematically drive towards those ends.
  • Develop, hold, and communicate a clear understanding of their organization, market, competition, partners, and market trends.

Over the course of a performance period, the organization counts on a Market Leader to always be able to present: Continue reading Market Lead Position Description