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Will you make sure you and your team accomplish the most important thing in the coming year?

There are two types of leadership team offsites held as one year ends and the next one starts:

  • Plan Change – To determine what needs to be done differently to perform better and / or grow faster.

Kurt Lewin, the father of Organization Dynamics, taught that change happens in three stages: Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze.

John Kotter studied over one thousand initiatives to identify eight reasons change fails to happen as intended.

Both frameworks are summarized along with IntelliVen Manage to Lead System Modules that help leaders implement change informed by Lewin and Kotter, in the figure below.

1. Survey Team

For both the Plan Change Offsite and the Initiative-to-Action Offsite (circled in the figure) the top team is surveyed to ask with respect to the organization as a whole or in the context of the single, most important initiative:

  • How are things today?
  • What good things happen if we change and what bad things happen if we do not?
  • How would things be if the ideal change were successfully implemented?
  • What needs to be done to go from today to where things would ideally be next?
  • What will make it hard to do what needs to be done?

2. Review Data with Leader

Survey results are reviewed with the leader. Any surprising input is discussed, and all input is organized to share with the full team. Work with the leader to identify where to emphasize what. Prepare a game plan to work hand-in-hand with the leader to facilitate discussion in a way that works for them.

Help the leader prepare to articulate to the team Where the Organization has Been, Where it is Now, and Where it is Headed. This is an opportunity for the leader to manifest thier ability to Set Direction, Align Resources, and Motivate Action.

3. Facilitate Team Offsite

At the offsite, the leader and team review collected data one question at a time to reach consensus on each of the five topics and to decide what needs to be done.

The links below are to workplans and facilitation approaches for both offsites:


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The #1 problem with teams is not what you think

Every leader needs to know that they and their team agree on the problem they solve for whom. While this seems simple enough, in practice almost nobody in their organization answers in exactly the same way, and even small differences can disrupt operations.

Examples, practice cases, and your own case reveal that even well-known firms have a WHAT-WHO-WHY that is surprisingly different than it seems. In the highly interactive WHAT-WHO-WHY Workshop, participants learn a tool and method they can use to reveal disconnects and align their team.

The WHAT-WHO-WHY method reveals disconnects and aligns your team.

The WHAT-WHO-WHY method has helped create $Billions in value and is 100% recommended by users.
You will learn to:

  • Describe any organization in terms of whose problem it solves.
  • Discover disconnects in your team’s thinking about their business.
  • Align your team’s thinking about their business.
  • Schedule a Zoom call with PeterD to see if the W-W-W Workshop is a good fit for your team or peer group.
  • Pass on to your group leader or facilitator.
  • Pass on to a colleague, family member, or friend to suggest they consider the W-W-W Workshop for their group or team.

For More Information

WHAT-WHO-WHY Workshop Overview

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