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Helped the CEO to prepare for and lead a two-day leadership team offsite in Barcelona, Spain. The 200-person organization sought help aligning leadership team of 15 to support a major move from desk-top to mobile devices.

“I asked IntelliVen to help me align my 15-member executive team here in Barcelona, Spain and to help us be more pro-active and innovative. Our business is changing rapidly as our offerings must quickly go from desktop to mobile. IntelliVen administered their state-of-the-art survey, and interviewed our top team one-on-one, to gather confidential input. My team and I completed their Change Framework and Initiative-to-Action templates to guide an intensive two-day, facilitated offsite. I used the forum to organize my team into six strategic focus areas now on track to produce immediate and long-term impact. The IntelliVen approach was just what we needed to amp up our assault on the future!” Scott Arpajian, CEO


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