This video walks through the W-W-W and a simple 3-Step Process to align your team on their consolidated version:

Complete the W-W-W Exercise at this link  to submit WHAT your organization provides to WHO and WHY customers buy it. Collect filled-in templates from team members. Submissions will be returned to you upon entry and later with annotated input from the IntelliVen Learning Community.

Compare and consolidate inputs from multiple team members to arrive at a W-W-W everyone on the top team believes in and supports. Continue to expand the stakeholder group to capture new thinking and communicate broadly the result.

Watch this 2:56′ video introduction to the W-W-W:

Repeat and iterate with stakeholders (board members, investors, next level managers, employees, customers, partners, etc.) until the consolidated W-W-W has stabilized. Run with it as the backbone of communications until it needs to change as the organization evolves.

Read the case study on how IntelliVen enabled Compusearch to achieve better team alignment and more effective operationalization and execution.


Far more important than getting the W-W-W right is getting it the same across all leaders. Once leaders agree on the same W-W-W they can work to improve and optimize it over time as described in the clip below.


Complete this exercise with your team to clarify your organization’s W-W-W.


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