Five Steps to a Sale



MtL System Module 6 provides context for using the Five Steps to a Sale approach in a real case.

MtL Tutorial Module 6 provides background, instruction, a practice case, and input prompts to prepare leaders to use the Five Steps to a Sale Framework.

Use this five-step sequence to educate prospects about how the best do what they are trying to do and then how you can help.

Developing a systematic approach to cultivating demand for its products and services is a key step in the evolution of every successful organization. Many early-stage leaders long for a silver-bullet solution; that is, they look to hire someone with a lot of contacts and an extroverted personality to hit the market and drum up demand.  Such efforts usually fail.

Leaders cannot count on building a scalable demand creation system by hiring one super-salesman after another. There are simply not enough to go around. A better strategy is to figure out for themselves how to create demand for their offerings and then hire and train others to follow their lead.

What follows is a sure-fire method for systematically turning prospects into customers that every executive, client manager, product manager, and sales professional can and should add to their tool set. It takes a lot of work to prepare properly and to execute well in a teaching-mindset, instead of a selling one, but those who are up to the task will be well-rewarded.

Step-1: Describe what you think your prospect is trying to accomplish.

Step-2: Describe what others who have done the same found difficult.

Step-3: Describe how the best have succeeded.

Step-4: Describe alternative courses of action.

Step-5: Recommend next steps.