IntelliVen Executive Review Sessions are a structured, programmatic way to provide extraordinarily rich input to CEOs who seek to improve their own performance, the performance of their top team, and that of their entire organization. Presenting CEOs find the process challenging, rigorous, and demanding.

The CEO presents what s/he is working on, and how it is going, to the same two or three IntelliVen principals every three months or so. The objective of every session is to get the CEO and her/his top team on track to increasing the odds of better results sooner through:

  • Preparation for the session.
  • Enhanced thinking and ideas developed during the session.
  • Aggressive follow-up after the session.


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IntelliVen Executive Sessions are not for CEOs who are faint-of-heart. CEOs must come to the session prepared, open to having their thinking challenged, and should allow themselves to be vulnerable and open to input. If a CEO thinks s/he already knows all s/he needs to know and only wants to confirm that s/he is on the right track then it would probably be best not to bother with an IntelliVen Executive Session.

The IntelliVen Executive Session format has evolved over 30 years through practical experience and application by highly successful business leaders. It has been successfully administered hundreds of times with truly inspirational results.

Discounted pricing is available for early stage organizations and non-profits.

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