Users Guide to Inkling

inkling-squareInkling is a content management system that provides access to interactive, digital texts across computers, phones, and pads.

Below shows how to:

  • Get started with Inkling on your  PC, pad, and/or mobile phone
  • Load Manage to Lead
  • Use Inkling to navigate Manage to Lead content

Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World on Inkling.


  • Syncs between devices in real time, regardless of one’s Mac, PC, and mobile device preference.
  • Includes self-assessments and work problems which help ensure that material is being actively learned as opposed to being mindlessly skimmed.
  • Allows users to record notes in the text itself while reading or in class; notes are easily shared with instructors and classmates and in real-time to support running discussions as desired.  Particularly helpful notes can be starred for easy reference later.
  • Allows highlighting, search, glossary look-up, private or public annotations, animation, slideshows, puzzles, and social media sharing.
  • Links to templates and tools that can be filled out to put content to use as soon as it is learned.

In essence, Manage to Lead is a service utility that provides an active learning environment accessible anywhere. This active element motivates the user to interact with new material to enhance content absorption. Inkling offers the premier method for using the full potential of any e-book and is the leading provider of higher-education interactive, digital textbooks.


  • Go to and create an account. Then select the option to enter the Inkling store to purchase the title, a unit of two or three chapters, or to download the free chapter, front matter, and exam. Note that unit purchases count towards the price of the full title, so if you purchase a unit or two you will be offered to complete the entire title purchase accounting for what has already been paid.
  • Search for: Manage to Lead; select it; proceed to checkout and pay to be able to access the content on any PC using the Chrome browser.  Access the title from your iPad or iPhone by downloading and opening the Inkling app, to access your Library, and open Manage to Lead.
  • All Manage to Lead content, except hot-links and videos, is fully accessible even when not connected to a network.
  • Tap or click anywhere on the text to access study tools (highlighter, notes, copying, glossary)
  • A scrolling list of chapter icons and titles appear vertically on the left along with summary cards that list the selected chapter’s main points.
  • Blue icons in the summary cards link to multimedia and enhanced content such as slide-lines, animation, and video.
  • Drag a finger or mouse along a slide-line scroll through.
  • Tap on or click footnotes, explanatory bubbles, and hotspots for a closer look.
  • Use the icon at the top-right of every card to record notes, see discussions threads and users with suggested discussions.
  • Notes and highlights are always accessible, but only sync when connected to the internet.


Want to see more helpful information and videos about Inkling? Below are a few more links that will put you on your way to mastering Inkling and achieving the full utility of the Manage to Lead workbook:

  • Inkling works just as well on a computer as it does on an iPad or iPhone. The video below demonstrates how to unlock the workbook’s full potential on any computer running Chrome or Safari.

  • Once an account has been created, view this page for a helpful guide to Inkling features and intricacies.
  • The video at this link shows how educators everywhere use interactive, digital textbooks.
  • Visit the Inkling for Educators Home Page for details on how and why educators are using interactive, digital textbooks to enhance their classroom experience and for additional helpful links.

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