Washington DC Area Renaissance Executive Forum

Get HelpEvery leader stands to benefit from the opportunity to regularly review with outsiders what s/he seeks to do, what has been done to do it, what has happened and what has been learned so far, and what s/he plans to do next.

It is harder to set up, operate, and benefit from outside help than it may first appear. Click on the image accompanying this post for a slide presentation of lessons learned and best practices that, if followed, will lead to improved performance and growth thanks to help from Accountability Board Members and Subject Matter Experts.

For the Washington DC Renaissance Executive Forum on October 21st, 2014 the IntelliVen team, Peter DiGiammarino, Steve Messner, and David Halwig, led a discussion forum of mid-market area CEOs on how they can use Accountability Boards and Subject Matter Experts to help their organizations get on track to fulfill their potential to perform and grow.

CEO member feedback was ultra positive. One member reportedly said it was “One of the best ever“. The CEO forum leader reported: “The session received 10s across the board, both in terms of the value of the topic as well as the value of your presentation…WOW!”

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