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How AI Chatbots Can Boost Your Content Creation

AI chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard can help you create better content faster and more easily by providing relevant feedback, reasoning and resources. This post shares tips and considerations for using AI chatbots to develop content gleaned from experience during a recent IntelliVen content and community development project for a San Francisco-based, fast-growing startup Augmented Reality (AR) accessory company.

Value of Using AI Chatbots for Content Creation

  • Accelerated learning: The chatbots offered helpful tips to improve content for marketing emails, including high-level as well as specific suggestions pertinent to the project. For example, when asked how to optimize messages to first-time consumers to stimulate engagement, the chatbot provided input on how to personalize emails, welcome new consumers, and share educational materials that pushed my thinking in helpful ways..
  • Draft reviews: While using AI for first-draft creation is common, I prefer to create first drafts of my content and then invite the chatbots to review and provide suggestions for its improvement, which I consider in the context of my goals. The result is a work product that is authentic to my voice and intention yet benefits from AI suggestions for improvement that I can ignore, take as is, or modify to use as I feel appropriate.
  • Shared logic: Some chatbots shared not just replies to my prompts, but also the logic behind their reply. Understanding how the chatbot comes up with its response makes it easier to discern whether the feedback is applicable for my use case.
  • Shared sources: When asked, the chatbots sometimes share links that point me to source material, which enables me to learn more about a specific topic on which I am not already expert from the source page which allows me to confirm its reliability.

Considerations for Using AI Chatbots for Content Creation

  • Maintain focus: You need to maintain focus on your goals and ownership of your content throughout the process. Sometimes, the chatbot may over-index edits on one area of potential improvement or provide language that doesn’t align with the brand. It is important to never take the content provided at face value, and to maintain a critical eye throughout. Remember, in the end it is YOUR work, not that of the chatbot.
  • Keep privacy in mind: It is a good idea to keep privacy in mind when using AI chatbots. Because we large language learning models may integrate prompt content into their learning, it can be important to de-identify anything that could be sensitive or abused. I would like to find a chatbot service that confirms it does not send prompts back to the learning model so that it can be readily used when confidentiality is important.


AI chatbots are powerful tools that can boost your content creation by offering valuable assistance and insights. They can help accelerate learning, review drafts, share sources, and share logic.

However, you also need to maintain focus on your goals and keep privacy in mind when using them.

Happy writing!

Breanna DiGiammarino

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